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2020 Lexus LC Convertible



The first Lexus LC Convertible is now available in Australia as the luxury lifestyle brand's fourth flagship model, joining the LC Coupe, LX luxury SUV and LS luxury sedan to expand the Lexus presence in among the most elite market segments.

Priced from $214,0001, the LC 500 Convertible delivers a unique and enthralling proposition in the luxury convertible segment by combining options-free indulgence with incredible V8 performance and sound.

With fewer than 10 examples arriving locally, the exclusive and bespoke LC 500 Convertible Limited Edition is priced from $234,0001 - marking the ultimate representation of Lexus as a luxury leader for design and craftsmanship.

The LC Convertible further enhances the Lexus reputation for impeccable craftsmanship and a level of opulence that intensely focuses on every facet of the driving and ownership experience.

From the sight of the exterior design to the tactile touch of switchgear and semi-aniline leather-accented trim, to the sound of the V8 engine and incredible Mark Levinson audio system - every element is at a level befitting a Lexus flagship.

Further reflecting this renowned Lexus philosophy, there are no options for the LC 500 Convertible. Full specification includes:

• 21-inch forged-alloy two-tone wheels
• Clearance and reversing sonar
• Pre-collision safety system2 (PCS) with pre-collision braking2 (PCB)
• Lane keep assist2 (LKA) with steering assist
• Blind spot monitor2 (BSM) with rear cross traffic alert2 (RCTA)
• All-speed radar active cruise control2 (ACC)
• Pop-up pedestrian sensing safety bonnet
• Six SRS airbags
• Vehicle stability control (VSC) and traction control (TRC)
• Triple-stack LED headlights with cornering lights and washers, dusk-sensing function and automatic high-beam (AHB)
• Keyless smart entry with smart key card
• Retractable door handles with illumination
• LFA-style 8.0-inch digital instrumentation with slide-out meter ring
• Colour head-up display (HUD)
• 10.3-inch multimedia screen with Lexus Remote Touch-pad (LRT) controller
• Reversing camera with rear guide assist (RGA)
• Apple CarPlay®3 and Android Auto™4 compatibility
• DAB+5, USB and AUX inputs
• Satellite navigation system with SUNA live traffic alerts6
• Navigation with speed limit display
• Advanced multimedia voice control
• 13-speaker, 918-watt Mark Levinson®7 DVD Audio with Clari-Fi
• Rain-sensing wipers
• Self-dimming interior mirror
• Dual-zone climate control air conditioning with Lexus Climate Concierge
• Semi-aniline leather-accented front seats
• 10-way power-operated front seats with driver memory settings
• Heated and ventilated front seats
• Front seat neck heaters
• Power steering column adjust
• Steering wheel heater
• Touch-sensitive interior lights
• Sports pedals
• Stainless-steel scuff plates
• Active noise control (ANC)
• Mechanical limited-slip differential

Limited Edition specification

The bespoke Lexus LC Convertible Limited Edition arrives exclusively with a mesmerising Structural Blue exterior colour, complemented by a nautical white-and-blue semi-aniline leather-accented interior and unique Limited Edition scuff plates.

Structural Blue pursues an extraordinary visual experience by harnessing a newly developed structural colour pigment the result of an intensive 15-year research project.

Compared with existing blue pigments - where light is absorbed once and blue light reflected - a multi-layer construction enhances the interference effect on the light to reflect higher luminescence and saturation.

Conventional pigment paints reflect less than 50 per cent of incoming light as a visible blue colour, but with Structural Blue the level is nearly 100 per cent.

Structural Blue was inspired by the shimmering blue wings of the American Morpho butterfly and incorporates 300 billion nano-structure (super-small) pigment flakes that generate iridescence, giving the impression of the colour constantly changing with the light.

While the Morpho butterfly is renowned for the iridescent blue of its wings, they are actually colourless. The blue seen by the human eye is created by light interference on the microscopic lattice surface structure of the butterfly's wings.

Similarly, Structural Blue paint is designed to work on the eye rather than on a camera lens; it is only when it is seen 'in the flesh' that the amazing effect becomes clear.

40 colour combinations in addition to Limited Edition specification

As demanded from a flagship convertible by Lexus, luxury customers will be able to tailor their vehicle to match their personal taste thanks to 40 available exterior colour, interior trim and roof colour combinations.

This includes 10 exterior colours - Carnelian, Khaki Metal, White Nova, Slate Grey, Sonic Silver, Titanium, Graphite Black, Infrared, Zinnia Yellow and Deep Blue.

Luxury customers can then select each exterior colour with black trim and black roof, flare red trim and black roof, ochre trim and beige roof, or ochre trim and black roof.

Lexus Encore Platinum

Every buyer of the LC Convertible will also gain a three-year membership to the recently announced Lexus Encore Platinum Owner Benefits program10.

This builds on the Lexus Encore program and its exclusive hotel and dining benefits, money-can't-buy experiences and Lexus Service Experience - featuring DriveCare9 24/7 roadside assistance and capped-price servicing including personalised servicing pick-up and drop-off from home or work, and loan vehicle.

Lexus Encore Platinum includes access to Lexus on Demand, allowing Members to swap into another Lexus (subject to availability) at local or interstate dealerships, or Qantas valet at Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide.

1 Manufacturer's recommended retail prices provided for media purposes only. Statutory charges or other on-road costs not included.
2 Driver assist feature. Only operates under certain conditions. Check your Owner's Manual for explanation of limitations. Please drive safely.
3 CarPlay®4 is a trademark of Apple, Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries.
4 Android Auto™5 is a trademark of Google LLC.
5 Coverage dependent on vehicle location.
6 Service varies based on vehicle location. Visit
7 Product & company names are trademarks of their respective owners.
8 Achieved in test conditions for comparison purposes only. Actual fuel consumption varies depending on driving conditions/style, vehicle condition, load and options/accessories fitted. Source: ADR81/02 combined L/100km.
9 Coverage and service inclusions vary dependent on vehicle location. For full Ts&Cs see your Lexus Dealer or
10 Encore Benefits apply on new and demonstrator vehicles for a 3 year period from the date vehicle is first registered on or after 01/01/2020. Inclusions may change without notice. For full T&Cs and details see your Lexus Dealer or


For more information, please contact:

Dan DeGasperi
Lexus Australia public relations

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Lauded by critics as a 'concept car for the road', the brave design of the Lexus LC becomes a masterful interpretation of the celebrated LF-LC Concept vehicle in both LC Coupe and new LC Convertible form.

Lexus maintains its 'no compromises' approach to design and engineering, with unprecedented collaboration between designers and engineers continuing for this second LC variant.

The ability to transform the LC Coupe into the LC Convertible was realised by the significant investment into the incredibly rigid GA-L (Global Architecture-Luxury) platform.

This acclaimed rear-wheel drive platform debuted with the LC Coupe boasting the highest torsional rigidity of any Lexus - including the famed LFA supercar.

The incredible engineering feat of the GA-L platform ensured Lexus designers could for the LC Convertible both preserve the dynamic proportions and luxury coupe elegance for which the sports car is renowned, and safeguard handling prowess.

Indeed of the sports car's front panels this meant altering only the forward pillars of the convertible compared with the coupe.

The LC features a low and long bonnet, made possible by a 'front-mid' engine layout where the 5.0-litre normally aspirated V8 is placed low and further rearward in the engine bay - permitting the dramatic and sleek curvature to the Lexus spindle grille.

The density of the spindle grille pattern varies, from more broadly woven at the bottom where the grille is at its widest - drawing the human eye lower to emphasise a broad sports car stance - while gradually becoming more tightly woven at the top.

The width of the lower part of the spindle grille contasts with the intricate detailing of the ultra-compact tri-bulb LED headlights complete with an introverted trapezoidal shape.

The new-generation Lexus daytime running light (DRL) signature ensures brand unity and moves horizontally outwards from a central position. Together with indicator lamps positioned as a slimline horizontal design touch close to the front side edges of the vehicle, both elements subtly emphasise vehicle width.

The GA-L platform allows the engine able to be moved rearward in the engine bay, while conversely the front wheels can be placed forward to minimise front overhang, securing a broad wheelbase and elegant side profile with classic sports car proportions.

The front wheels are also placed on a wide track, enabling the seductive front guards to wrap around to the bonnet and emphasise the aggressive stance so intrinsic to the LC design.

The contrast between the pulled-in doors - with discreetly hidden and sleek flip-out door handles - and widely flared guards further accentuates this broad stance.

The integrity of the LC platform and LC Coupe design ensures the rear styling of the LC Convertible maintains a low and dynamic form when viewed behind.

The unsurpassed craftsmanship and compact packaging of the LC Convertible's four-layer fabric roof also plays a key role in preserving the sleek side profile and muscular rear styling of the LC Coupe.

Pored over by expert Takumi craftsmen - the most experienced connossieurs of quality in Japanese culture - the roof design for the LC Convertible is a masterclass in effortlessly combining tactility, refinement and security.

The smoothly-tension canvas of the top layer is impeccably wrinkle-free, hiding the rigid and lightweight aluminium and magnesium roof structure underneath.

It contains a second layer for maximum security, and a third for sound absorbing insulation that helps deliver the quietness expected of a Lexus when driving with the roof raised.

The fourth layer positioned above occupants' heads delivers the smooth and tactile material that complements the highest-grade leather and componentry in the cabin.

Lexus has created a mesmerising consistency in speed between the roof lowering in just 15 seconds - at up to 50km/h - and the rear decklid opening then closing, a process that is inspired by the soft ink brush movement of Japanese calligraphy.

Compact roof stowage enabled Lexus designers to replicate the muscular rear guards of the LC Coupe, with the beltline moving upwards slightly to meet a decklid that wraps tightly around the rear of the LC Convertible.

Compared with the LC Coupe, at the rear only the guards and bootlid have changed for the LC Convertible.

The high-mounted brake lamp of the coupe has moved to the top edge of the bootlid for the convertible.

It maintains its vertically rounded shape that glides upwards towards its tip to emulate an integrated lip spoiler, and has been widened laterally to deliver an even more emphatic sports car posture.

The convertible maintains the intriciate tail-light treatment of the coupe, which includes a seductive L-shaped three-dimensional graphic.

Pursuing a luxurious impression, the sophisticated workmanship of the lens and bezel incorporate several different materials.

The rear character lines of the LC Convertible are also harmonised with the front spindle grille. Tracking the line of this spindle, the shape inwards from the bootlid then outwards past the licence plate mounting and twin exhausts draw the human eye lower and express a centre of gravity closer to the road.

Adding final presence to the stunning LC Convertible design are standard 21-inch forged alloy wheels.

The LC Convertible is produced alongside the acclaimed LC Coupe at Lexus' Motomachi plant in Japan, famously home to production of the hand-crafted LFA supercar.

The factory's layout and facilities have been tailored to the production of the LC, to ensure the highest quality levels.

Many of the Takumi and skilled workers who built the LFA transferred to the LC project, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The production line at Motomachi has a pure white finish from floor to ceiling to create an environment that helps the team members focus on their work.

Each person will spend as much as 20 minutes working on every car, combining hand and eye skills with the use of tablet devices to check and re-check the quality of each process.

Skills - both mental and technical - are constantly developed to support the 'no compromises' mindset when it comes to achieving Lexus' rigorous quality standards.

Final checks are carried out in a glass-walled inspection booth with LED lighting - even set into the floor - to ensure the precision finish of all surfaces and bodywork panels, the evenness of colour, the quality of the interior and the operation of functioning parts.

The substantial thickness of the glass walls also allows the smallest abnormalities in sound to be detected in dynamic checks that monitor noise and vibration.


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Segment-leading interior design, luxurious opulence and impeccable craftsmanship define the options-free Lexus LC Convertible experience for driver and passengers.

The avant-garde interior design of the LC segues ideally to an open-air environment thanks to a complementary blend of tactile controls, textual surfacing, and high-grade Alcantara® and semi-aniline leather-accented trim.

Lexus has painstakingly applied focus to achieve the ideal weighting of controls such as the knurled-silver climate control and audio control switchgear, and the newly added serrated-finish roof mechanism switch for the LC Convertible.

The movement of the 'soft close' power windows and centre console storage facility is now matched by the smoothness of the roof operation.

A significant part of the LC dashboard is wrapped in sensual upholstery, which delivers a feeling of depth and expense, while the highest level of craftsmanship meticulously is applied by expert Takumi craftsmen to details such as stitching.

Exquisite metallic ornamentation surrounds key touchpoints, horizontally applied across the dashboard and on the 'floating' door handles to deliver a sophisticated image befitting a Lexus flagship.

For the LC Convertible, Lexus has extended this to a front seatbelt guide design formed as though it was sculpted from a mass of metal. Combined with a leather-accented strap, the seatbelt guide projects an exotic image when the roof is open.

The edge trim of the front seat-mounted walk-in lever - used for rear seat passenger entry and egress - has also been given a metal-like finish to achieve immaculate consistency with other textures in the cabin.

This includes the application of Alcantara® to the door trims, creating a further textual flourish that complements the immaculately smooth and soft-to-touch high-grade semi-aniline leather-accented trim used on the front seats of the LC Convertible.

An exotic quilting pattern has exclusively been applied to the upper side bolsters of the LC Convertible's front seats, while on the back of the front seat headrests, a Lexus 'L' has been embossed to enhance visual appeal while the roof is lowered.

Takumi craftsmen have also altered the front seat structure for the LC Convertible.

Deep-hung upholstery has been used for the front seats compared with the LC Coupe, a meticulous construction change that allows for longer upholstery to increase the amount of deflection when seated and reduce road vibrations.

Front seat ventilation remains standard in the LC, while the front seat heating range has also been expanded for the LC Convertible to anticipate the potential for colder driving conditions when the roof is lowered.

A neck heater unit has also been added to the headrests of the front seats, allowing for warm air to be applied to both the neck and shoulder area of the driver and front passenger.

This also accommodates a variety of physiques by featuring moveable fins inside each neck heater unit, allowing for the most desirable adjustment of flow direction for a particular driver and front passenger.

There are also three operation levels in manual or Auto modes.

As the temperature around the occupants' necks changes in accordance with vehicle speed or the status of the roof (open or closed), the neck heater output is automatically adjusted based on the detected vehicle condition even while in each operation mode.

For rear passengers, a new 'easy access' front seat function has enabled easier entry and egress from the rear seat.

Excellent packaging ensures front and rear headroom measures within 11mm and just 4mm of the coupe respectively, while boot space figures within 48L (149L) of the LC 500 Coupe.

Lexus has also retained the masterful 13-speaker, 918-watt Mark Levinson®1 Reference Surround Sound System of the coupe as standard - with special tuning for a convertible application.

In the LC Convertible it utilises three instrument panel-mounted 10cm coaxial speakers, two front door-mounted 18cm woofers, two rear headrest-mounted 9cm coaxial speakers, a rear seatback-mounted 26.5cm subwoofer - and a luggage floor-mounted 11-channel amplifier with ClariFi® audio restoration technology.

The most optimum speaker materials have been adopted to reproduce an atmosphere in the cabin like that of a stereo listening room.

The system creates an accurate sound stage with the sound of the instruments and vocals coming from where they should, realising a high clarity and rich low-range sound. This produces an experience that is as though the musicians are spread out on the stage in front of the listener.

When the roof is open, the sound is complemented and adjusted in real time. This enables the sound, which is deflected outside and cannot be echoed because the roof is open, to be heard the same as if the roof is closed.

Outstanding audio quality further gels with imaginative technology, including a high-resolution 10.3-inch centre screen housing Apple CarPlay®2 and Android Auto™3, DAB+4, CD/DVD player and embedded satellite navigation with SUNA traffic updates5.

The technology is effortlessly engaged with via the latest Lexus Remote Touch-pad interface, and both tactile console-mounted and steering-wheel-mounted shortcut buttons - in addition to the latest voice control with 'one shot' destination entry.

Further completing the comprehensive technology package inside the LC Convertible is an LFA-inspired 8.0-inch TFT screen ahead of the driver and a colour head-up display that projects information onto the bottom of the windshield glass - including speedometer, tachometer, and audio, navigation and safety messages.

1 Product & company names are trademarks of their respective owners.
2 CarPlay® is a trademark of Apple, Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries.
3 Android Auto™ is a trademark of Google LLC.
4 Coverage dependent on vehicle location.
5 Service varies based on vehicle location. Visit


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An enthralling engine sound leverages the best of the open-air driving experience made available by the Lexus LC Convertible - a perfect complement to the Mark Levinson®1 Reference Surround Sound System and exhilarating performance.

The highly acclaimed, high-performance 5.0-litre normally aspirated V8 petrol engine - indicated by the LC 500 badge - vividly demonstrates the expert work of Lexus engineers, both on paper and on the road.

Lexus engineers wanted to achieve an ultimate sports car engine with immediate driver connection through the throttle and a high engine speed ceiling of 7,300rpm.

In addition to a power peak of 351kW produced at 7,100rpm, the Lexus V8 achieves superb torque efficiency of over 100Nm per litre of swept capacity - with a maximum 540Nm delivered at 4,800rpm.

This artful normally aspirated petrol engine also achieves three-quarters of its maximum torque from just 2,000rpm, providing the smooth and responsive cruising characteristics demanded of a grand tourer.

During spirited driving, the 5.0-litre usefully remains above 500Nm in torque production from 4,500rpm until 6,500rpm, gelling ideally with maximum power.

Lexus achieved these high outputs with an engine designed for renowned Lexus durability while achieving rigorous Euro 6 emissions standards.

This owes to the combination of sophisticated D-4S direct fuel injection, Atkinson cycle operation, optimised VVT-i operation and a high compression ratio, while extensive measures have also been taken to reduce friction and pumping losses.

At the same time, the engine construction is defined by exotic materials that are strong and light weight - including forged connecting rods and titanium valves that allow it to flourish at high revs.

To achieve incredible aural performance, this is supported by a front air intake fitted with a sound generator, with carefully engineered dimensions tuned to maximise the desired sound frequency and level.

The opening is connected directly to the cowl reinforcement, so sound reverberates within the enclosed space, resulting in an emotionally charged quality.

At the rear, additional external valves have been introduced in front of the main muffler, which open and close according to the driver's use of the throttle and the drive mode selected. The length and diameter of the main muffler pipe has also been adjusted to generate a satisfying exhaust note.

Yet at low revs the intake and exhaust have been tuned to maintain the essential refinement of a Lexus.

Noise and vibration have also been reduced by the use of a double torsional damper on the crank pulley.

A recently updated 10-speed Direct Shift automatic transmission also effortlessly performs a dual role of supporting smooth low- and high-speed cruising and utilising complex AI-SHIFT control software to adapt to a broad range of driving situations.

Even if the Drive Mode Select switch has not been utilised, the automatic selects the optimum gear according to its estimation of the driver's preferences and intentions, based on vehicle speed and use of the accelerator, and from past driving history.

Lexus ensured that 10 gears are evenly spaced and given a shift personality in concert with drive modes including ECO, NORMAL and SPORT/SPORT S+.

The Direct Shift gearbox provides some of the world's quickest shifts, giving a crisp feel, fast response and rhythmic shifting with no 'shock' effect.

A recent update for the LC Coupe targeted gear upshifts at higher engine speed when 60-70 per cent throttle is applied, to more regularly deliver immediate performance.

In SPORT/SPORT S+ the system enthusiastically downshifts when it senses a driver is driving spiritedly and braking - yet it avoids allowing revs to 'hang' should the system detect a driver is no longer driving assertively.

The transmission also benefits from a torque converter with full range lock-up control to support the delivery of a pleasingly direct feel and further eliminating unnecessary revving of the engine.

Thanks to intelligent design and packaging and exhaustive weight-saving measures, the complete unit is comparable in size and weight to the current Lexus eight-speed automatic.

Low-friction materials have been used where possible to support fuel economy and the number of internal parts - planetary gears, clutches and brakes - has been kept to a minimum.

1 Product & company names are trademarks of their respective owners.


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Lexus has pursued a process of continual refinement and focused dynamic upgrades for the LC Coupe, enabling the creation of an LC Convertible that rides serenely on 21-inch wheels and handles with alacrity during spirited driving.

The masterful GA-L (Global Architecture-Large) platform combines with innovative engineering to deliver both a low and sleek bonnet line, and the superb ride and handling blend for which the Lexus sports car is famous.

The LC Convertible benefits from the refinements made to the LC Coupe in June 2020.

This includes an altered shock-absorber length for the standard Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) along with new control-software parameters providing linear response ideal for the LC Convertible.

Via the Drive Mode Select dial, the driver can select ECO, COMFORT, NORMAL and SPORT S modes, which provide a balanced suspension setting that ensures level body motion movement and supple response to road surface imperfections.

SPORT S mode focuses on more dynamic engine and transmission response, while SPORT S+ builds further with a firmer suspension tune that delivers the flat cornering stance expected of a Lexus sports car.

For the ultimate in personalisation a driver can also select CUSTOM mode and match a particular powertrain mode preference with NORMAL or SPORT S+ damping.

The balanced and dynamic damping tunes leverage the best from the sophisticated multi-link front and rear suspension design.

The front suspension design contains a double-joint construction, where the upper arm follows the lower arm movement when braking and while turning, reducing the change in the tyre angle for superb vehicle stability.

The LC Convertible follows the recent change to the LC Coupe with front lower control arms produced from 1.65kg-lighter forged aluminium to reduce unsprung mass.

The shape of the second front control arm is also revised, in concert with an optimised stabiliser bar, stronger coil springs and revised front rebound spring rates.

Together with the addition of stronger instrument-cowl bracing, the alterations also further boost steering feel.

The rear suspension of the LC Convertible benefits from a light, hollow stabiliser bar, and also contains the LC Coupe's stronger coil springs.

Both the coupe and convertible feature a Yamaha-developed rear performance damper1 that better absorbs twists and quells body vibrations during spirited driving, with significant attention paid to rear roll rigidity distribution in every new LC.

245mm-wide front and 275mm-wide rear 21-inch Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres also provide significant traction when navigating dynamic roads.

Active Cornering Assist (ACA), which utilises the vehicle stability control to provide subtle braking of the inside wheels during high-G cornering, joins the standard mechanical limited-slip differential (LSD) - ensuring excellent vehicle posture through a corner, accurate line-tracing capability and response on corner exit.

Body structure enhancements have also been made to harmonise the dynamic feel between coupe and convertible.

This includes additional body adhesion used on the front instrument cowl, around the doors and across the boot area.

A further 22 weld points have been used around the door areas, and additional arc welding manually performed by expert Takumi craftsmen on the bottom of each pillar - realising enhanced panel joint rigidity while minimising body vibration.

A light-weight and high-strength aluminium shear panel has been added across the front floor and side-sill rocker panel.

These measures join an aluminium rear suspension tower brace connecting the left and right suspension towers, an under-body V-brace and bracing underneath the rear seat.

Together they confirm the lateral rigidity, torsional rigidity and vertical rigidity befitting a luxury convertible, while preserving the tight and taut response for which the GA-L platform is renowned.

1 "Performance damper" is a registered trademark of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.


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The uncompromising Lexus pursuit of leveraging imaginative technology to deliver world-leading safety continues with the LC Convertible.

The LC Convertible includes the renowned Lexus Safety System+1 as standard, which is based on the comprehensive safety concept that aims to make gradual progress towards the ultimate goal of, "zero casualties from accidents".

This comprehensive suite of active safety technology includes a pre-collision safety system (PCS) with pre-collision braking (PCB), all-speed radar active cruise control (ACC), lane keep assist (LKA) with steering assist and automatic high-beam (AHB).

PCS combines a millimetre wave radar and monocular camera sensor to detect other vehicles in front of the LC Convertible.

The system - which has an operating speed of between 10km/h and 180km/h - is designed to judge if there is a possibility of a collision and visually (on the driver head-up display) and audibly warn the driver so that they may perform an evasive manoeuvre1.

Via a steering-wheel mounted button a driver can select their personal preference for how soon or late a collision warning activates relative to the vehicle spacing ahead (Near, Mid or Far).

Additionally, if the system judges that there is a high possibility of a collision or a collision is unavoidable, it is designed to activate the brakes to help avoid the collision or mitigate an impact.

If the system detects a collision may be unavoidable, it can increase the damping force of the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) to help maintain an appropriate vehicle posture.

Pre-collision braking (PCB) - which has an operating speed of between 30km/h and 180km/h - can assist a driver who is already applying brake pressure, by adding brake force if the system detects it is required to avoid or mitigate a potential impact.

These systems work in conjunction with all-speed radar active cruise control (ACC) if it is operational.

In addition to maintaining a set cruising speed, ACC also has a vehicle-to-vehicle distance control mode that uses a millimeter-wave radar sensor, a camera sensor, a yaw rate sensor, and a steering sensor to help maintain a suitable distance from the preceding vehicle1.

It is designed with the following features: preceding vehicle size detection, white line recognition, path detection and cut-in vehicle detection1.

In addition to 'all speed' capabilitiy, ACC is capable of low-speed following which includes stop-start driving at speeds between standstill and approximately 40km/h.

It is designed to stop the LC Convertible when the preceding vehicle comes to a stop, maintaining an appropriate distance to the vehicle ahead.

This helps drivers when driving in congested highway traffic and supports efforts to maintain a proper distance between vehicles.

When there is no vehicle detected traveling ahead, the vehicle is designed to travel at a constant speed in accordance with the driver-selected speed setting.

Via a steering-wheel mounted button a driver can select their personal preference within three presets for how far or near the LC Convertible maintains distance to the vehicles it will follow.

LKA with steering assist can also been enabled at vehicle speeds all the way down to when the vehicle is nearly stopped, in consideration of providing support during congestion on highway roads.

It is designed to ensure centre trace control is maintained between detected lane markings to help reduce the chance of 'lane wander' and a potential collision1.

At times when all-speed radar active cruise control is inactive, lane departure alert with steering control is designed to visually and audibly alert a driver if the system detects deviation from detected lane markings. It can then apply force to the steering in order to assist the driver in avoiding lane departure1.

Rounding out the comprehensive Lexus Safety System+, automatic high beam (AHB) is designed to utilise the high beam lamps as much as possible1.

It helps to provide night-time safety by reducing the possibility of dazzling other drivers by forgetting to turn off the high beam lamps, while helping to illuminate more of the road more of the time - without the driver selecting the high beam off and on manually1.

Other active safety technologies include a blind-spot monitor1 (BSM), which supports the driver in checking for safety when changing lanes or reversing, and rear cross-traffic alert1 (RCTA) - which uses quasi-millimetre wave radar to detect vehicles approaching the area behind the vehicle and can alert the driver audibly and visually if a detected vehicle is approaching a path it may enter while reversing.

The LC also includes stability control (VSC) and traction control (TRC) that are designed to maintain stability to help avoid a potential unintended deviation from a chosen line and preserve traction to help avoid unintended wheelspin and potential loss of control.

VSC and TRC work in tandem with Active Cornering Assist (ACA) in the LC Convertible, which during cornering is designed to generate a yaw moment by creating a difference in drive force between the left and right tyres, suppressing potential understeer.

ACA is designed to maintain safety while ensuring excellent cornering performance, assisting to provide an enjoyable, neutral vehicle posture for the driver through winding roads by helping to maintain an accurate, chosen cornering line1.

Intuitively calibrated active safety measures further work with significant passive safety measures in the LC Convertible.

In addition to a pop-up pedestrian sensing bonnet at the front of the vehicle, which is standard on all LC variants, the fabric roof design of the LC Convertible has also guided the implementation of active roll bars at the rear of the vehicle to help support the vehicle in the event of a rollover collision.

These rollbars are mounted behind the rear seat and are designed to instantly extend upwards, which is designed to help disperse the load of a rollover impact to the vehicle body.

Taking the incredibly rigid frame of the LC Coupe and its extensive use of high-strength steel as its base, additional strength has been provided to support both front and side impact performance with the LC Convertible - helping to prevent deformation of the cabin in the event of a collision and enhancing protection of the cabin space.

Six SRS airbags and a reversing camera with rear guide assist1 (RGA) complete the comprehensive passive and active safety standard provided in the LC Convertible.

1 Driver assist feature. Only operates under certain conditions. Check your Owner's Manual for explanation of limitations. Please drive safely.


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Overall length (mm)4770
Overall width (without mirrors, mm)1920
Overall height (mm) 1350
Wheelbase (mm)2870
Track front (mm)1630
Track rear (mm)1635
Front overhang (mm)930
Rear overhang (mm)970
Running ground clearance (mm) 131
Co-efficient of drag0.34
Kerb weight (kg)2035-2055
Gross vehicle weight (kg)2450
Seating (persons)4
Cargo space (litres)149
Fuel tank (litres)82
Engine code2UR-GSE
Displacement (cm3)4969
Engine type and layoutAll-alloy 90-degree V8
Valve mechanism32 valves, DOHC, dual VVT-i
Bore x stroke (mm)94 x 89.5mm
Compression ratio12.3:1
Fuel-injection systemEFI, D4-S
Max. power351kW @ 7100rpm
Max. torque540Nm @ 4800rpm
Emission certificationEURO 6
Fuel type and octane ratingPetrol, 98 RON or higher
Type10-speed automatic
Transmission codeAGA0E
Final Drive2.937
Combined (litres/100km)12.7
Extra urban (litres/100km)8.7
Urban (litres/100km)19.6
Emissions (g/km, combined)290
Maximum speed (km/h)270
TypeFrontDouble-joint multi-link
RearLow-mount multi-link
Front400x36mm ventilated discs
Rear359x30mm ventilated discs
Parking brakeElectric
TypeRack and pinion with EPS
Turns lock-to-lock2.6
Minimum turning radius - tyre (m)5.4m
Minimum turning radius - wall (m)5.9
Type 21-inch forged aluminium
Front 245/40 RF21
Rear 275/35 RF21
Spare Tyre repair kit

* Weights/mass/volumes/dimensions are approximate and subject to individual vehicle variances, and should be confirmed before fitting any accessories, towing or otherwise relying on this value.
^ Achieved in test conditions for comparison purposes only. Actual fuel consumption varies depending on driving conditions/style, vehicle condition, load and options/accessories fitted. Source: ADR81/02 combined, extra urban and urban L/100km.
** Gross vehicle weight is the total permissible combined weight of the vehicle, including occupants, fuel and cargo. Kerb weight is nominal and varies depending on options and accessories.

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Lexus LC Convertible Limited Edition in Structural Blue (pre-production model shown) and Lexus LC Convertible in Carnelian (right)
Lexus LC Convertible Limited Edition in Structural Blue (pre-production model shown) and Lexus LC Convertible in Carnelian (right)
Lexus LC Convertible in Carnelian
Lexus LC Convertible in Carnelian
Lexus LC Convertible in Carnelian
Lexus LC Convertible in Carnelian
Lexus LC Convertible in Khaki Metal
Lexus LC Convertible in Khaki Metal
Lexus LC Convertible with ochre interior
Lexus LC Convertible Limited Edition in Structural Blue (pre-production model shown)
Lexus LC Convertible Limited Edition in Structural Blue (pre-production model shown)
Lexus LC Convertible Limited Edition with white and blue trim (pre-production model shown)