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2022 Lexus UX 300e



Lexus Australia has confirmed pricing and final components in its leading ownership package for the new UX 300e battery electric vehicle (BEV), which starts from $74,0001 and combines a five-year vehicle warranty2 with a 10-year battery guarantee3.

With Lexus hybrid-electric customers showing strong interest in the first Lexus BEV, the UX 300e Luxury starts within $4,5001 of the acclaimed hybrid-electric UX 250h F Sport with Enhancement Pack 2 - affording Lexus customers the luxury of choice with two leading, incredibly efficient powertrain options.

The UX 300e Sports Luxury becomes the new Lexus UX flagship priced from $81,0001, featuring maximum luxury and technology.

In addition to the five-year, unlimited kilometre vehicle warranty, Lexus is providing a 10-year, unlimited kilometre assurance period for the high-voltage battery with a required, complimentary BEV system health check each year after the fifth year3, in accordance with Lexus specifications.

The battery is also covered for up to 10 years or 160,000km (whichever comes first) if the energy storage capacity falls below 70 per cent4, for further peace of mind (subject to annual EV High Voltage system health check).

Capped-price servicing costs $295 (including GST) for each of the first five annual or 15,000km services5 - rounding out a leading ownership package that includes the long-range warranty, a three-year Encore Platinum membership6, a complimentary home charger with installation7 and three-year complimentary on-road recharging8.

The Encore Platinum owner benefits program furthers the unmatched Lexus ownership experience for members. The complimentary three-year subscription is standard on the UX 300e, the LX flagship SUV, LC sports car and LS flagship sedan.

Encore Platinum includes the pioneering Lexus on Demand, which allows members to borrow another Lexus up to four times over the subscription period, for up to eight days at a time9.

Accessed via the Lexus App, Encore Platinum members can book an LS sedan, LC coupe or LX SUV at either a range of nationwide Lexus dealerships, or at the Qantas valet of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth airports, or even at Auckland or Queenstown in New Zealand9.

The UX 300e will also be added as an available vehicle for existing Encore Platinum members, allowing them to sample the first Lexus BEV.

Valet parking at participating shopping centres and a range of incredible event experiences are also included for UX 300e customers as part of Encore Platinum.

With a complimentary, professionally installed AC home charger, owners can rest while the UX 300e charges overnight7. From empty, the high-capacity lithium-ion battery fully charges in about 6.5 hours using an AC charger10.

Lexus will also include two complimentary charging cables for AC charging, so owners are never far from a full charge.

UX 300e owners also have the option to upgrade to a home charger featuring additional scope of functionality, with a touch-display, Wi-Fi and Ethernet compatibility, smartphone app connectivity, and dynamic load management - which can avoid blackouts and surprise energy bills, measuring a home's live energy usage and automatically adjusting the charge to the UX 300e in harmony with the local grid.

Each charger is delivered and fitted courtesy of leading BEV infrastructure specialist, JetCharge, and includes a comprehensive six-year warranty7.

Lexus is further offering complimentary access to Chargefox high-speed DC charging, Australia's largest public recharging network with over 1,400 plug-in outlets at 770 charging stations across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and Tasmania - all powered by renewable energy8.

Charging locations have been seamlessly integrated into the Lexus App, and the UX 300e takes about 80 minutes to charge from empty using a DC charger10.

In addition to five years of capped price servicing, Lexus includes five years of coverage for the above-and-beyond DriveCare roadside assistance package, which includes around-the-clock breakdown assistance, towing, entry assistance, coverage for one-way metropolitan taxi fares up to $150 and more11.

Lexus Australia Chief Executive Scott Thompson said the Lexus team is committed to delivering the UX 300e with impressive pricing and the most comprehensive ownership standard among BEVs.

"Lexus listened closely to our loyal owners, ensuring that luxury compact SUV customers are put first with an all-encompassing ownership package designed to make the UX 300e both great to own and fun to drive," Mr Thompson said.

"Our comprehensive ecosystem of customer care and owner benefits now includes an exceptional warranty, complete servicing, effortless recharging - plus the Encore Platinum owner benefits program complete with the pioneering Lexus on Demand."

Read more about the Lexus UX 300e grade-by-grade specification and performance here.

2022 Lexus UX 300e pricing

Grade  Price1
UX 300e Luxury
UX 300e Sports Luxury

1 Manufacturer's list price provided for media purposes only. Statutory charges or other on-road costs not included.
2 New Vehicle Warranty is for 5yrs from date of first delivery and unlimited kilometres. See or your vehicle's Warranty and Service Book for T&Cs. This warranty does not limit and may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.
3 The Lexus Battery Warranty for the UX 300e is for 10yrs from delivery, provided annual health checks are undertaken by an authorised Lexus dealer after 5yrs from date of first delivery. See or your vehicle's Warranty and Service Book for T&Cs. This warranty does not limit and may not necessarily exceed your rights under the Australian Consumer Law.
4 For Electric Vehicles only, the following EV Battery Capacity Degradation coverage applies. For the initial warranty period of 8 years or 160,000 km (whichever occurs first), we will repair or replace your EV battery if the energy storage capacity falls below 70% of the original EV battery capacity. In addition, this coverage is extended for up to an additional 2 years (to a total of 10 years / 160,000 km, whichever occurs first), if the regular Health Checks in the maintenance program are executed according to Lexus specifications and operation, charging and maintenance complies with Lexus EV Operating Instructions.
5 Max price quoted is model specific. Applies to standard scheduled logbook servicing (normal operating conditions) 5 years/75,000 km for the UX 300e (whichever occurs first). Lexus vehicles that receive complimentary servicing are not eligible for Capped Price Servicing. For details or to confirm eligibility see your Lexus dealer or visit
6 Encore and Encore Platinum Benefits apply on selected new and demonstrator vehicles for a 3 year period from the date Encore is first activated by the Dealership. Inclusions may change without notice. Subject to availability. For full T&Cs, details and eligible models, see your Lexus Dealer or
7 Complimentary ABB Single Phase 7kW AC wall charger supplied and installed by Jet Charge. Eligibility determined at Lexus and Jet Charge's discretion. Vehicle owner must obtain appropriate site permissions and access prior to installation. Electricity consumption charges are owners responsibility. Refer to operating instructions for usage guidance. Upgrades and equipment add-ons at additional cost. Rainchecks not available. Cannot be redeemed for monetary value. See for T&Cs and for details.
8 Complimentary charging provided to Encore Platinum members for first 3 years of membership. Fees may apply thereafter. Charging stations provided by Chargefox at selected locations. Usage at vehicle owner's risk. See for T&Cs. Frequent use of DC Fast Charging can impact battery performance & durability. Lexus recommends minimising DC Fast Charging usage. Refer to Owner's manual and for guidance.
9 Subject to availability. For full T&Cs and details see your Lexus Dealer or
10 Actual charging duration varies depending on charging conditions and method used. Frequent use of DC Fast Charging can impact battery performance & durability. Lexus recommends minimising DC Fast Charging usage. Refer to Owner's manual and for guidance.
11 DriveCare as part of Encore Benefits applies for a 5 year period from the date Encore is first activated by the Dealership. Coverage and service inclusions vary dependent on vehicle location. For full T&Cs see your Lexus Dealer or


For more information, please contact:
Dan DeGasperi
Lexus Australia public relations
M: +61 466 612 742

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Lexus surveyed potential customers and current Lexus hybrid owners about their BEV styling preferences, discovering that many Australian luxury customers favoured cohesion of design regardless of petrol, hybrid-electric or electric operation.

The styling of the UX 300e focuses on this cohesion, appearing part of the UX family that includes the UX 200 and UX 250h, and ensuring a look identifiable instantly as a modern Lexus.

At the same time, tight shut-lines and high overall fit-and-finish are priorities both for Lexus and luxury customers who may be purchasing their first BEV, and who are seeking long-term reliability assurance from impeccable build quality.

The UX 300e draws from the well-received UX exterior design that blends rugged, robust and functional properties with a strong sense of style, glamour and dynamism.

As the first luxury compact SUV from Lexus, the UX adopted the design mantra of ‘Creative Urban Explorer’ – a vehicle that feels as much at home in the concrete jungle as it does out on the open road.

Despite its compact dimensions, the UX family displays a strong and purposeful look derived from the sophisticated Global Architecture-C (GA-C) platform, which places the wheels in the far corners of the vehicle body for a dynamic stance on the road.

The signature Lexus spindle grille sports an overall shape shared by other Lexus models, but adopts a unique mesh pattern made of individual elements that change in shape as they move out towards the edges of the grille.

Flowing smoothy from the grille are the sharply styled headlamps that give a confident and assertive look to the vehicle’s front end, framed by the dynamic daytime running lights (DRLs) that form an arrowhead shape and emphasise the classic Lexus L-shaped lighting signature.

The DRLs frame the main headlights that consist of a single LED low/high beam light on the Luxury grade, and a sophisticated four-unit structure on Sports Luxury that combines tri-beam LED modules with the adaptive high-beam system (AHS).

Expressively flared front and rear fenders and prominently sculpted surfaces add to the sense of strength and dynamism, finely and precisely finished by Takumi craftsmen down to one-hundredth of a millimetre.

The wheelarch mouldings are also aerodynamically designed to reduce turbulence and lift, further contributing to vehicle stability, especially at higher speeds.

Moving towards the rear of the vehicle, the eyes are immediately drawn to the rear combination lights, that not only provide clear vision and cutting-edge style, but also act as aero stabilisers – drawing air from down the side of the vehicle and rear wheelarches to add extra downforce and stability.

Running across the length of the UX’s rear, the lighting cluster is comprised of 120 LED lights that narrow towards the centre, with a thickness of just three millimetres at its slimmest point.

Further aerodynamic optimisation is achieved through the use of a wing-type spoiler on the roof, helping in the case of the UX 300e to improve driving range.

While the UX 300e largely matches the exterior profile of the rest of the range, a selection of unique touches elevate the design of Lexus’ first-ever all-electric model.

Luxury grades are equipped with quiet 17-inch alloy wheels with a five-spoke design, featuring a medium grey metallic hue in the centre of the spoke surrounded by a lighter-coloured machined silver finish.

The spoke edges are angled in a way to create vortices that not only reduce air resistance and turbulence, but also to cool the brakes and offer greater stopping performance.

Sports Luxury grades step up to eye-catching five-spoke, 18-inch alloys also finished in a medium grey metallic coating with machined edges.

Both sides of each wheel spoke have been machined to resemble the spindle grille pattern, as have the outer edges of the rims to give them a more eye-catching impression.

The UX 300e is also differentiated by its unique blue badging found on the tailgate and ELECTRIC badging on the rear doors, rounding out a blend of brave design and elegant finishes befitting the first Lexus BEV.

A choice of 10 vibrant exterior paint finishes are available, including newly available Sonic Chrome. Other options include Sonic Quartz, Onyx, Titanium, Mercury Grey, Graphite Black, Carnelian, Caliente, Khaki Metal and Celestial Blue1.

1 Lexus Australia reserves the right to vary or discontinue the current interior and exterior colours, trims and colour/trim/model combinations. Colours and trims displayed are a guide only and may vary from actual colours due to printing/display process. See your Lexus dealer to confirm availability when ordering your vehicle.


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Channelling the spirit of the Japanese hospitality art of omotenashi - where the needs of customers are predicted ahead of time - the enhancements to the Lexus UX 300e cabin elevate the luxurious and tactile UX design concept to the next level.

Highlights of the UX interior include a multi-adjustable driving position, sumptuous seating and elements such as Washi trim, Sashiko stitching and illuminated air vent controls on Sports Luxury grades that demonstrate supreme attention to detail.

'Washi' dashboard trim is inspired by Japanese washi paper crafted by hand and used in traditional Japanese arts including architectural design, a textured soft-touch trim piece atop the dashboard directly in the driver and front passenger sight line.

Available with brown, black or cobalt washi trim, the emphasis on cabin tactility is complemented by 'Sashiko' stitching that further showcases Takumi craftsmanship.

Sashiko stitching is a technique traditionally used on judo uniforms that stitches along mathematical curves aligned with the perforation pattern on the Sports Luxury's high-grade leather-accented front seats.

The UX 300e Luxury features a choice of black or white ash upholstery trim, while the UX 300e Sports Luxury offers both, and adds rich cream, ochre and an alluring white-and-blue combination called Zephyr blue for maximum personalisation1.

Further attention to detail is found in the air vents, that in the Sports Luxury illuminate in a series of multi-dimension rings inside each bezel for an artful night-time display.

For the UX 300e, a new transmission shifter incorporates a blend of leather-accented trim and metal furnishing for a further textural flourish.

In the latest Lexus luxury compact SUV, this level of style and quality meets new usability inspired by omotenashi.

In the UX 300e an owner can use the trip computer display to plan and set charging schedules for the charging of the vehicle. The owner can choose a schedule that sets home charging to commence at midnight during off-peak power rates on any individual or combination of days. The owner can alternatively select the time they need the vehicle recharged by, for example, 8:30am each weekday.

The UX 300e can further activate pre-heating or pre-cooling before a driver departs, and when charging the owner can further set a maximum charge point of 90% to focus on the fastest portion of charge time - all via the trip computer.

When on the road, Lexus has anticipated an owner's needs with My Room Mode - enabling owners to use the vehicle display, audio and Bluetooth functions whilst the vehicle recharges, showing the power that is being used and the charging power.

Exceptional craftsmanship and the art of anticipation are further complemented by technology and usability inside the UX 300e.

A 10.3-inch widescreen multi-media display is paired with a 7.0-inch colour driver display complete with regenerative recharge display and - on the Sports Luxury grade - a colour head-up display.

The Lexus remote-touch interface (RTI) is complemented by shortcut media and track-change buttons, and a volume scroll dial that features a knurled pattern made up of L-shaped units inspired by the trademark Lexus spindle grille. This texture is also used for the dials on either side of the instrument binnacle - for the drive mode select button incorporating Eco, Normal and Sport modes.

A 13-speaker Mark Levinson®2 audio system, Apple CarPlay®3 and Android Auto™4 compatability, DAB+ digital radio5, wireless smartphone charging6, and satellite navigation with intuitive voice control are standard.

The voice control for the Lexus UX 300e enables 'one shot' navigation destination entry and intuitive natural speech commands - allowing drivers to ask the vehicle's navigation system to search for "Italian food" or "nearest hotel" after the press of one steering wheel-mounted voice control button.

The UX 300e also features two USB ports inside the centre console and two fast-charge USB-C ports on the rear console.

Illumination is a key part of the UX 300e luxury experience, and the USB-C ports, along with the doorhandles on entry to the vehicle, and each side-rear mounted charging port, all feature soft-white illumination to complement touch-sensitive front and rear map reading lamps.

Carefully designed to maximise occupant comfort, the UX 300e front seats come standard with eight-way power adjustment including two-way lumbar adjustment and both heating and ventilation functions.

The rear outboard seats are also heated, providing maximum luxury along with deep and supportive seat cushions, a rear centre armrest, cupholders, rear air vents and twin USB-C charging ports.

When the seat heaters are activated, the air conditioning system will restrain its heating power, helping to preserve power consumption particularly in colder months.

With an ultra-quiet fully electric powertrain, a hushed driving experience is already ensured, however the tireless work of Lexus acoustic engineers ensures an even more serene cabin environment is achieved.

The focused placement of sound-absorbing materials throughout the cabin are a result of dedicated noise tracing from engineers, who even managed to reduce the sound of water being displaced by tyres.

A power-operated tailgate is standard and multiple storage options are available under the deck of the luggage floor, including dedicated areas to house the charging cables and tyre puncture repair kit.

The result is a Lexus UX 300e interior that finely balances high quality, artful design, thoughtful touches and luxury SUV comfort.

1 Lexus Australia reserves the right to vary or discontinue the current interior and exterior colours, trims and colour/trim/model combinations. Colours and trims displayed are a guide only and may vary from actual colours due to printing/display process. See your Lexus dealer to confirm availability when ordering your vehicle.
2 Mark Levinson® is a trademark of Harman International Industries, Inc.
3 CarPlay® is a trademark of Apple, Inc. registered in the U.S. and other countries.
4 Android Auto™ is a trademark of Google LLC.
5 Coverage dependent on vehicle location.
6 Only Qi-supported devices compatible. Refer to device manufacturer. May require additional purchase of accessory to support wireless charging.


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Leveraging over 15 years of experience in advanced hybrid-electric technology, the UX 300e delivers new levels of driver engagement and dynamic fun thanks to its powerful and responsive BEV powertrain and low, coupe-like centre of gravity.

The powertrain features a lightweight permanent magnet synchronous motor mounted on the front axle, weighing approximately half the weight of a traditional petrol engine and positioned lower in the engine bay. This benefits both lowering the centre of gravity of the UX 300e and enhancing vehicle turn-in performance.

The fully electric powertrain produces a significant 150kW of power and 300Nm of torque, available off the line and allowing for instant acceleration with a standstill to 100km/h time of just 7.5 seconds – making it the most powerful and the fastest UX, and 1.9sec quicker than its nearest German luxury compact BEV rival.

The motor is paired to a compact 54.3kWh Lithium-ion battery package comprising of 288 battery cells, mounted low under the vehicle floor and directly to the chassis for greater torsional rigidity. This helps to further aid the agile and responsive handling while allowing a highly flexible maximum driving range of 360km1.

Lexus engineers achieved a natural driving feel with the BEV powertrain, focusing on the controllability of the throttle around town – while a continuous acceleration feel is prioritised when in high-speed situations such as merging onto a freeway.

A pre-loaded differential helps limit torque delivery under light loads, enhancing grip and acceleration performance in low-friction conditions.

The throttle is tuned to provide smooth and even acceleration even with slightly rough pedal operation, helping to offer a smooth and linear drive experience – a hallmark of the Lexus Driving Signature.

The regenerative braking system provides an even more user-friendly driving experience with the ability to be set in four different stages, allowing the driver to tailor a preferred level of automatic regenerative braking strength.

Automatic regenerative braking strength can be set through the steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters, and is displayed on the 7.0-inch colour driver display screen.

High-level efficiency, compactness and quietness are focus areas for Lexus engineers when developing the driveline components.

The gear train adopts a simple three-shaft layout consisting of a counter-driven gear and parking gear on the main shaft, a counter-driven gear and drive pinion gear on the second shaft and a ring gear and differential on the third.

The ratios of the gears allow for high motor rotation speeds, culminating in low power losses and a compact and lightweight design.

Other components have also been further optimised, including the tooth surface polishing for the gears, a resin catch tank for greater oil storage and a resonance dispersing structure built into the gears to minimise noise.

In the pursuit of ultimate refinement, Lexus engineers identified unwanted noise coming from the space in the EV transaxle between the case and shift control actuator, and fitted a sound-proof cover to suppress spatial resonance.

Additional noise insulation materials have also been fitted around the tyres, fender panels and electric motor unit to create an even quieter cabin, while the UX 300e Sports Luxury moves refinement to a maximum level with acoustic front-side glass.

Motor cables running between the transaxle and power control unit (PCU) have been made as short as possible for compact installation.

The EV-specific PCU has been redesigned to handle the large currents expected of an electric vehicle, and benefits from the rigid Global Architecture-C (GA-C) underpinnings by being mounted on the engine compartment cross member, to further reduce noise and vibrations.

The battery pack itself is kept at an optimal operating temperature by a refrigerant air-cooling system, which is circulated throughout the sealed battery pack.

The cooling system works cooperatively and intuitively with the cabin’s climate control system to optimise the vehicle’s power use, while the stable battery temperatures ensure maximum power delivery even under high-load conditions.

For low-temperature settings, a battery heating system is also fitted which allows for stable operating temperatures even in outside conditions as cold as -30°C.

Both AC (Type 2) and fast DC (CHAdeMO) charging is available for the UX 300e, with up to 50kW charging capability.

When using DC fast charging, the UX 300e can charge to full capacity in around 80 minutes2.

When using the complimentary home wallbox, a full charge can be achieved in around six and a half hours2.

1 Based on New European Driving Cycle testing.
2 Actual charging duration varies depending on charging conditions and method used. Frequent use of DC Fast Charging can impact battery performance & durability. Lexus recommends minimising DC Fast Charging usage. Refer to Owner's manual and for guidance.


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Instant response and agile handling are hallmarks of the UX 300e, with the compact luxury SUV the first fully electric iteration of the Lexus Driving Signature.

The rewarding handling and superb ride comfort of the UX 300e begins with the rigid and sophisticated Global Architecture-C (GA-C) platform, offering excellent torsional rigidity further enhanced by mounting the underfloor battery pack to the chassis.

Placing the under-bonnet electric motor and underfloor battery package as low as possible has reduced the centre of gravity from 594mm in the UX 250h to just 530mm in the UX 300e, a comparable figure to a coupe.

The placement of the battery between the axles improves vehicle turn-in by reducing yaw inertia movement. With a kerb weight of 1840kg1, the UX 300e is also approximately 200kg lighter than its nearest German luxury compact BEV rival – ensuring an ideal balance between performance, fun dynamics and driving range.

This focus on fun further leverages the low-set driver’s hip point that adds to the unity between driver and vehicle. In the multi-adjustable driver seat’s lowest position, the difference between the driver’s heel point and hip point is just 275mm – less than the distance of a 30cm ruler.

The result is a natural level of balance and weight distribution beyond the SUV norm, allowing Lexus engineers to focus on a mechanical and tuning improvements to the suspension system to deliver even more engaging handling.

The MacPherson-strut front and sophisticated multi-link rear suspension features upgraded components that best complement the UX 300e.

The front suspension incorporates a new shock absorber design, which has seen the friction characteristics of the oil seals, rod guide, oil, and piston band all optimised to reduce unnecessary movement of the sprung weight – providing level ride quality with even and direct steering feel.

A friction control device has also been installed inside the shock absorber, increasing the axial force acting between the cylinder and rod to help enhance damping friction force by 40 per cent, while reducing noisy high-frequency vibrations.

To further enhance steering feel, a pair of MS gear braces have been fitted to rigidly link the top part of the steering gearbox mount and suspension member, helping to provide an even more direct steering feel from initial inputs.

A 27.2mm-diameter hollow stabiliser bar has been installed on top of the suspension member in front of the gearbox, helping to reduce body roll and deliver responsive and spirited cornering.

For the multi-link rear suspension, engineers tilted the dedicated EV shock absorber further forward to reduce longitudinal low-frequency inputs from the road surface, while new suspension bushes reduce high-frequency inputs.

Larger trailing arms have been fitted with double the clearance for the trailing arm bushes, providing greater shock mitigation. The trailing arm attachment has also been tilted upwards, changing the trajectory of the tyres when travelling over to further enhance stability and ride comfort.

High-speed cornering is also improved by optimising the span between lower suspension arms, while a non-linear type bound stopper has been adopted to further enhance trademark Lexus ride comfort.

Luxury variants feature 17-inch alloy wheels designed to create vortices within the wheel to improve brake cooling performance, paired with 215/60 R17 96H tyres.

Sports Luxury grades step up to 18-inch five-spoke, two-tone grey alloys with elements that resemble the spindle grille pattern, shod in 225/50 R18 95V tyres.

UX 300e owners can choose from Eco, Normal and Sport drive modes, with the latter using the full potential of the powerful and responsive powertrain by enhancing the EV system characteristics and steering firmness to suit spirited driving.

To assist with the multi-stage regenerative braking, the UX 300e is equipped with its own braking system, capable of splitting braking power between the regenerative brake and hydraulic brake to maximise driving range.

Ventilated disc brakes are standard front and rear, with engineers reshaping the front brake dust cover to maximise cooling performance.

Pedal feel has also been adjusted to make braking feel as natural as possible, with the pedal ratio modified to reduce initial pedal effort and enhance the driver’s ability to easily modulate braking force.

To help improve the already-strong aerodynamic capabilities of the UX, further enhancements have been made to UX 300e, including covers along the length of the underbody.

A column-type electric power steering system and brushless motor with an integrated motor control unit is employed, using a motor and reduction gear installed on the steering column to reduce the amount of steering operation force.

With 2.76 turns lock-to-lock, the nimble UX 300e can achieve 90-degree turns with the driver maintaining a ‘9 and 3’ hold on the steering wheel.

The work of Lexus engineers ensures the UX 300e provides an exciting new take on the Lexus Driving Signature, with the blend of instant power, low centre of gravity and excellent torsional rigidity combining to deliver a potent and engaging luxury compact SUV.

1 Weights/mass/volumes/dimensions are approximate and subject to individual vehicle variances, and should be confirmed before fitting any accessories, towing or otherwise relying on this value.


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Cutting-edge occupant protection and active safety technologies are offered in the UX 300e, with eight airbags as standard plus a comprehensive suite of safety features forming the Lexus Safety System+1 (LSS+) package.

LSS+ draws together a suite of technologies that ensure active protection reach a maximum standard.

LSS+ starts with the pre-collision system (PCS) that combines a millimetre wave radar sensor and monocular camera sensor to accurately read the road ahead and prepare for any potential collision.

PCS can detect oncoming vehicles, pedestrians (day and night) and cyclists (daytime), and in the event of an impending collision, the system can alert the driver with a series of audible and visual warnings.

If the driver begins to operate the brakes, PCS can provide extra braking assistance where needed. If PCS detects either a high-probability or unavoidable upcoming collision, it can automatically provide strong braking, helping to avoid or mitigate the impact of a crash.

Braking force can be maintained post-collision, to help prevent the vehicle from being involved in a secondary impact.

An extension of this system is used for the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC), with the acceleration and deceleration characteristics of the adaptive cruise control system optimised for the smooth, high-torque electric powertrain.

The all-speed DRCC system is paired with Road Sign Assist (RSA), with the vehicle speed setting able to be quickly reset to reflect the speed limit detected by RSA, which is projected in the multi-information display and (for the Sports Luxury) the colour head-up display.

RSA also allows the vehicle to alert the driver if the speed limit is exceeded, with three selectable speed threshold levels available. Alternatively, excess speed notification can also be disabled.

Complementing DRCC is Lane Tracing Alert (LTA), which builds on the capability of Lane Departure Alert by providing smooth driving support even in congested traffic and on freeways with frequent curves.

LTA can help to add steering operation to avoid the vehicle leaving its lane, and when DRCC is activated, can also assist with steering operation to keep the vehicle centred in its lane – ensuring smooth vehicle positioning and reducing the chance of lane deviation.

The UX 300e Luxury features a single-unit automatic high beam (AHB) system that will intuitively turn the high beam lamps on and back off if any vehicle ahead or oncoming is detected.

The UX 300e Sports Luxury includes an adaptive high-beam system (AHS), which allows for the automatic operation of high-beam that can selectively dim certain areas of the road to avoid dazzling forward or oncoming traffic – while ensuring other areas of the road maintain high beam.

In addition to the selective light distribution, the AHS brightness and illumination area can be adapted into four different modes depending on vehicle speed.

Exclusive to the UX 300e Sports Luxury, the unique Slow speed mode activates the left and right cornering lamps when moving between 3-15km/h, helping to identify pedestrians and other nearby obstacles.

When travelling at 15-30km/h, Urban mode uses the widest possible field of illumination for the high-beams to provide ultimate vision for potentially unforeseen impediments.

Normal mode is activated when travelling between 30-80km/h, which narrows the field of vision but employs a brighter concentration in the middle for greater depth of vision.

High speed mode is utilised at over 80km/h, that further narrows the field of illumination but offers excellent long-distance vision with a particularly concentrated spread of light.

When cornering, the central beam concentration will also move in the direction of travel, while the intensity of the central beam can also be dimmed when raining to avoid glare.

Parking the UX 300e is made easier and safer with the help of rear cross-traffic alert (RCTA), parking support alert (PKSA) and parking support brake (PKSB) – which uses sonar sensors to warn the driver of nearby obstacles and can, at speeds of under 15km/h in forward or reverse, provide autonomous braking to avoid a collision.

UX 300e Luxury includes a reversing camera with dynamic guidelines, while the UX 300e Sports Luxury features a panoramic view monitor offering unobstructed views around the vehicle thanks to a system of cameras and a range of selectable views to choose from.

Other standard safety features include blind-spot monitor (BSM) and drive start control, which prevents excessive acceleration in the event the accelerator is depressed when operating the shift lever.

For example, if the accelerator is depressed when shifting from P to D, the system will suppress power output to keep vehicle speed and acceleration below a predetermined level to reduce the likelihood of a crash.


1 Driver assist feature. Only operates under certain conditions. Check your Owner’s Manual for explanation of limitations. Please drive safely.

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Overall length 4495mm
Overall width 1840mm
Overall height 1545mm
Wheelbase 2640mm
Front track 1560mm (Luxury), 1550mm (Sports Luxury)
Rear track 1560mm (Luxury), 1550mm (Sports Luxury)
Running ground clearance 141mm
Front overhang 970mm
Rear overhang 885mm
Coefficient of drag 0.31
Length 1830mm
Width 1518mm
Height 1109mm (w/o moonroof), 1082mm (with moonroof)
Couple distance 875mm
Kerb weight 1840kg
Gross vehicle mass 2245kg
Seating 5
Luggage volume 414 litres1 2
Type Battery, electric motor (front axle)
Motor generator Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Maximum power (motor generator) 150kW
Maximum torque (motor generator) 300Nm
Battery type Lithium-ion
Total battery power 54.35kWh
Nominal voltage 355.2
Number of battery cells 288
Battery capacity 153Ah
Type 2-stage reduction gear
Differential gear ratio 11.691
Connector type Type2 (AC), CHAdeMO (DC)
Charging speed (AC) Maximum 6.6kW
Charging speed (DC) Maximum 50kW
Charging times (240V) Approximately 6.5hr (32A)
Charging times (quick charge) Approximately 80min (125A)
Driving range 360km3
Maximum Speed 160km/h
0-100km/h 7.5 sec
Front MacPherson strut
Rear Trailing wishbone
Type Electric power steering with integrated motor control unit, tilt-and-telescopic adjustments
Turning radius diameter Curb to curb: 5.2m Wall-to-wall: 5.23m (Luxury), 5.22m (Sports Luxury)
Turns lock to lock 2.76
Front 305/28mm ventilated discs
Rear 317/18mm ventilated discs
Parking brake Electronic (instrument panel switch)
Brake systems ABS with brake assist and electronic brake force distribution, steering-assisted vehicle stability control, traction control, hill-start assist control.
Size, construction Luxury: 17 x 6.5J alloy, 215/60 R17
Sports Luxury: 18 x 7J alloy, 225/50 R18
Spare Tyre repair kit

1 Weights/mass/volumes/dimensions are approximate and subject to individual vehicle variances, and should be confirmed before fitting any accessories, towing or otherwise relying on this value.
2 Lexus Australia internal measurement.
3 Based on New European Driving Cycle testing.


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Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury (left) and Luxury (right)
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury (left) and Luxury (right)
Lexus UX 300e Luxury (left) and Sports Luxury (right)
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury (left) and Luxury (right)
Lexus UX 300e Sports Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Luxury
Lexus UX 300e Luxury