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Lexus has revealed its upper-luxury hybrid V8, the LS600hL, at the Melbourne International Motor Show.

The long wheelbase Lexus LS600hL limousine is the world's first upper-luxury petrol-electric hybrid and the world's first petrol-electric V8 hybrid.

It is the forerunner of a new breed of super-performance energy-efficient sedans.

The LS600hL is the third member of the Lexus hybrid stable, joining the GS450h and the RX400h which were launched in Australia last year.

"The LS600hL is the pinnacle of our hybrid range," said Lexus Australia divisional manager, John Roca.

"LS600hL is the only upper-luxury hybrid in the world.

"We have managed to create a vehicle that is not only the ultimate in luxury and packed with world-class safety features, but one with significantly reduced harmful vehicle emissions.

"Lexus is committed to the concept and development of hybrid technology.

"To introduce a performance sedan, an SUV and a luxury V8 into the hybrid range is a fantastic result in the space of just over one year," Mr Roca said.

The LS600hL is the most advanced Lexus ever built, featuring V8 hybrid technology and a wealth of luxury standard features, including an ottoman seat with shiatsu massage functions in the four-seat configuration model.

It also has a 19-speaker, 450-watt Mark Levinson audio system.

The LS600hL will have best-in-class V8 fuel economy, with expected SULEV emissions in the United States.

However, the most outstanding feature of this hybrid is its outstanding performance capacity, with the V8 hybrid combination equalling V12 power and more than 430 horsepower.

The LS600hL will incorporate world-leading safety features, including a Pre-Collision Safety system that tightens up the seat belts and sharpens the steering responses for an impending collision, while also priming the brakes for maximum braking performance.

"As every day goes by, hybrid is gaining traction as the sustainable and reasonable energy solution," Mr Roca said.

"Hybrid is not only the current solution - it is also the building block for the future."

The LS600hL will go on sale in Australia in late 2007.


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Lexus has showcased its luxurious LS460 at the Melbourne International Motor Show.

There are no carryovers in the major areas of chassis, suspension, engine or driveline.

The LS460 incorporates the world's first eight-speed automatic transmission.

The LS460 is on display along with the company's other flagship introduction in 2007 - the LS600hL - a super-luxury V8 hybrid.

Lexus is set to launch its most comprehensive attack on the upper luxury market in Australia in 2007.

It will launch the two-vehicle range of its flagship LS series, the LS460 in April and the LS600hL later in the year.

Both vehicles will feature breakthrough innovations which redefine the concept of vehicle safety.

The LS460 and the LS600hL are the flagships of the luxury Lexus marque and are the most highly specified sedans ever built by Lexus.

LS460 will employ sophisticated electronically controlled air suspension linked with world-class vehicle safety controls, including intuitive braking and the advanced Pre-Collision System.

LS460 is the fourth generation of the LS400 series and is a completely new vehicle.

Lexus has undertaken a back-to-the-source evaluation of its exclusive manufacturing and engineering techniques and has designed LS460 to even higher standards than its predecessors.

The LS460 is a different vehicle from the previous generation in many of its major components.

The new vehicle epitomises the styling concept known as L-Finesse, shown for the first time on the GS Line and on the recently launched IS Line.

While it is anticipated that Lexus LS460 will account for less than 10 per cent of total Lexus sales in Australia, it and the LS600hL will be the flagships for the Lexus range.

"LS400 series has led Lexus since its inception," Lexus Australia divisional manager John Roca said.

"In 1989 it was the first Lexus launched in the world, and it was responsible for a comprehensive overhaul of the upper luxury market, especially among the long-standing European and American brands.

"Lexus is the most accomplished luxury start-up brand of recent times.

"It competes strongly now in the most discerning automotive market of all.

"The highest sales of LS400 series in any year have been just over 400, which is entirely consistent with demand for the vehicle's competitors," Mr Roca said.

"LS460 is not intended to be a high-volume vehicle.

"Like the flagships of all luxury ranges, it is an exclusive vehicle to be appreciated by a fortunate few.

"Its influence throughout the Lexus range is undeniable and of benefit to all Lexus owners."

Lexus currently sells six models in Australia (made up of 13 variants) through 22 exclusive dealerships.

Lexus has built around 900,000 LS400 series vehicles since 1989, accounting for just under one-quarter of total Lexus sales now approaching four million worldwide.


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Luxury motor vehicle manufacturer Lexus set an all-time annual sales record in 2006 to continue its phenomenal rise in the luxury car segment.

Sales figures released by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) at the end of 2006 showed Lexus delivered 7162 vehicles in 2006, breaking the sales record it set the previous year.

The VFACTS announcement credits Lexus with an increase of 19.3 per cent over sales figures from 2005 - an outstanding result given the growth from 2004 to 2005 was also over 19 per cent.

The figures cement the end of an historic year for Lexus, with record monthly sales results, industry accolades, and the introduction of its first two hybrid vehicles - GS450h and RX400h.

In October, Lexus recorded its best-ever monthly sales figures of 916 units, obliterating the previous record of 716.

Lexus also passed a significant sales milestone in Australia, reaching 40,000 units during October 2006.

It is the fourth successive year Lexus has claimed a podium position among all luxury makes, but the gap between first and third has never been closer.

Lexus received the highest accolades from industry awards in 2006, winning a trifecta of trophies at the national motoring clubs' Australia's Best Car Awards - Best Luxury Car (GS450h), Best Prestige Car (IS250) and Best Luxury 4WD (RX350 Sports Luxury).

It is the record-breaking fourth year in a row that the RX has collected the Best Luxury 4WD award.

The company's new hybrid additions have generated great demand.

Lexus hybrids have a whole new set of characteristics, creating a synergy between fuel economy, low emissions, quietness, high performance and outstanding luxury.

The GS450h has performed well beyond expectations, delivering on average around 25 vehicle sales per month, with only supply limiting demand.

The RX400h is a welcome rival to its diesel competitors, and is also delivering well above anticipated figures with 188 sales in its first three months.

Lexus star performers in 2006 continued to be the IS250 and RX350.

Lexus delivered 3381 of the IS model to eclipse the previous record of 1809 that the model achieved in 2005.

The company delivered 2703 RX models to beat the previous record of 2563 RX sales set in 2005.

"Consumer confidence in Lexus is high, in part based on the seamless technology developments introduced in new models," Lexus Australia divisional manager John Roca said.

"In 2007 Lexus intends to extend its technological advantage by introducing the world's first V8 petrol-electric hybrid technology into the luxury market - enter the LS600hL," he said.

"The LS600hL will make 2007 an extremely significant year in the history of Lexus, as will the introduction of our flagship LS460."

Both the LS460 and LS600hL will feature breakthrough innovations which redefine the concept of luxury, performance and vehicle safety.

LS460 will be the most highly specified luxury sedan ever built by Lexus and is due for launch in May 2007.

The long wheelbase Lexus LS600hL, due for release later in the year, will be the forerunner of a new breed of super-performance energy-efficient sedans.

"We are set to launch our most comprehensive attack on the upper luxury market in Australia," Mr Roca said.


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Lexus is revealing its showstopper IS250 in stunning Mirrachrome at the Melbourne International Motor Show.

The chrome design is the brainchild of the Lexus After Sales Division.

The vehicle on display is an Australian-specification IS250 produced in Japan.

The 'chrome' is MirraChrome paint, applied in Victoria by the KMC Corporation.

In addition to the paintwork, the IS250 has been fitted with a new Lexus body kit - consisting of front lower spoiler, side skirts, rear lower skirt and a boot spoiler - which Lexus plans to introduce as a genuine Lexus Accessory in 2007.

The alloy wheels on the chrome IS250 have been specially prepared for this vehicle, and are available in a polished alloy finish as accessory wheels to all IS250 owners.

Created for motor shows around Australia, the chrome IS250 will also be showcased in Lexus dealerships around Australia.

The successful new IS250 Line has driven Lexus' growth.

IS250, in its three model variants, has achieved double the demand of its predecessors - IS200 and IS300.

Lexus IS250 is a 2.5-litre Quad Cam VVT-i sports sedan available in three variants and styled to Lexus' emerging policy of L-finesse.


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