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2000 LEXUS LS430

  14. LS430 HAS 29 COMPUTERS


Lexus has launched a new flagship model with improved performance, active and passive safety, comfort and convenience, and lower noise levels.
The new Lexus LS430 also employs breakthrough technology to increase driveability, cabin comfort, driver vision and environmental friendliness.

It has the lowest Cd in its class (0.26) and is claimed to be the world's quietest luxury sedan.

Nearly 300 patent applications have been filed as a result of the LS430 development program.

Leading-edge technology in the all-new model includes an adaptive torque-activated power train, intelligent air conditioning with automatic swing registers, climate control front seats, rain-sensing windscreen wipers, low-reflection windscreen glass, rain-repellant side window glass, an ultra-sonic park-assist system, an electronic smart key which need never leave the owner's pocket and full-length side curtain SRS airbags.

A special rear-seat enhancement pack - available with black semi-aniline leather seat trim - adds power-adjustable rear seats with a seat-massager function.

LS430 has an all-new body, for high rigidity and safety, and increased interior space.

Couple distance has been increased by 50mm, without increasing overall length.

The new Lexus was tested in the same wind tunnel used to develop Japan's Shinkansen bullet trains.

It has a functional wind noise level of zero, thanks in large measure to a flat underbody.

LS430's new 4.3-litre engine has improved performance and fuel economy, and qualifies as an ultra-low emission vehicle.

It delivers 207kW (EEC) of power at 5600rpm and 417Nm (EEC) of torque at 3500rpm, with 0-100km/h acceleration in 6.7 seconds.

LS430 has 11.5 litres/100km fuel economy on the AS2877 city cycle and 7.2 l/100km or 39.2mpg on the AS2877 highway cycle.

The new Lexus LS430 has the best driving stability in its class.

It has completely redesigned and re-engineered the suspension, steering and brakes, including aluminium suspension components and monobloc aluminium brake calipers.

Safety improvements include an intelligent two-stage front-passenger's SRS airbag, side-curtain SRS airbags and force-limiting seatbelt pretensioners for the rear-seat outboard passengers.

The LS430 is offered in a range of new exterior and interior colours and with 17-inch alloy wheels as standard equipment.

The feeling of luxury and style has been enhanced, with 170 percent more woodgrain and increased use of leather.

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The Lexus LS430 will come to market up to 15 percent beneath the price of its most important competitors.
The concept of at-the-source manufacturing efficiency pioneered with the first Lexus has been maintained, according to Lexus senior management.

The Lexus LS430 will have a recommended retail price of $171,500, well beneath the $196,290 price tag of its most obvious German rival.

It will be even more cost-effective against another of its German rivals which is priced at $203,760.

Lexus has always maintained a significant price advantage while offering equal or superior quality and specification.

It has maintained that advantage with the new model in the face of substantial currency exchange pressure.

Lexus‘ standard features add quite significantly to the value-for-money proposition of the car.

As an example, the Lexus Smart Key is a standard feature, while a less well specified version is a $3300 extra on a competitive luxury vehicle.

Equally, parking sensors are optional on one of Lexus' main competitors.

The LS430 has as standard front climate control seats - not available on one of its competitors and a $2600 option on the other.

Lexus' from-the-source value policy was a cornerstone of the development of the original program.

Engineers estimated that there was a greater than 25 percent saving achievable using manufacturing intelligence and technique.

Ensuing model development remained true to the directive.

All three Lexus sedan models models - IS200, ES300 and GS300 - are today positioned above their most direct German and Japanese rivals in value-for-money calculation.

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An optional rear seat enhancement package is available for the LS430.
The enhancement package has a recommended retail price of $8,500 with black interior only and provides additional rear seat luxury items.

These are:
* black semi-aniline leather seat trim
* four-way adjustable rear seats with individual memory for each side. The seats can be set to auto return to the original position when the rear doors open.
* a seat vibrator in each side of the rear seat, each with variable vibration frequency
* power-adjustable rear head restraints
* two additional rear speakers for the audio system, bringing the total number of speakers to nine
* manual sunshades on the rear side windows and rear quarter windows
* and water-repellant rear side glass

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Lexus has just celebrated the delivery of its 2000th flagship model in Australia.
The milestone was achieved after 10 years at an average of 200 LS400 deliveries each year.

Lexus will shortly celebrate the delivery of its 5000th ES300, its 1500th GS300 and its 3000th IS200.

In another milestone, Lexus will soon have delivered 1200 LX470 all terrain wagons.

In total 12,280 Lexus vehicles had been registered in Australia by October 2000.

In Australia LS400 was launched in 1990, ES300 in 1992, GS300 in late 1997, LX470 in 1998 and the breakthrough IS200 in 1999.

The IS200 immediately sprinted into a position of prominence, in effect doubling Lexus' sales volumes.

It sparked a spirited dealer development program to the benefit of all models and all customers.

Around 1500 IS200s will be delivered in Australia in 2000.

Demand for ES300, GS300 and LX470 is coincidentally quite similar at around 300 for each model this year

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The Spirit of Lexus has become an important point of differentiation between Lexus and every other make of motor car.
The Spirit embodies the brand's exemplary customer care program, but also much more.

It is the result of 10 years of development of the brand which has turned representatives of the company into disciples.

~Lexus has a great number of formal customer care programs - and all are held together by what can best be described as a spirit of commitment,~ said Lexus senior executive vice-president John Conomos.

The reward for Lexus is a particularly high customer satisfaction rate, which according to Lexus-commissioned independent surveys is the best in the industry.

Lexus' formal Encore program, which began with the launch of the brand, is regarded as a benchmark for development of all customer loyalty activities in the past decade.

Importantly, it is available on an equal basis to all owners of new or certified pre-owned Lexus vehicles.

The cost of a loyalty program without hierarchy is necessarily greater than that undertaken generally within the luxury motor industry.

However it is regarded by Lexus as essential that first-time owners in any Lexus vehicle be introduced to a level of service which is beyond their expectation.

~Delivering the undeliverable~ has been a Lexus passion.

One of the high points of the Encore program in Sydney is parking and VIP access for Lexus owners to the Sydney Opera House.

Lexus owners pay 550 visits to the Opera House each month and there are now two full-time staff at the Opera House to work on Lexus visits alone.

Performing arts centres in other capital cities with a similar program received more than 2000 Lexus owner visits last year.

National programs include the Lexus Legends golf tournament.

Owner teams from all dealerships, playing with celebrities, will contest the final at Hope Island in early December, with the winning team joining an international Lexus contest in Dubai.

The equality of the Lexus program means that all owners are welcome to home pick-up and delivery of their cars at service, and qualify for a loan vehicle.

Programs undertaken by individual dealers include theatre previews, in which the entire theatre was taken over, and customer inclusion in sports sponsorships such as the Hermes International Horse Jumping Series.

~The level of spirit is evident however in individual commitment,~ Mr Conomos said.

~The service manager of Lexus of Brisbane insists that each customer is equipped with his personal telephone numbers so he is accessible around the clock.~

~The size of the Brisbane dealership's customer base is so great now that it has become challenging for the Scifleet family to personally home bake cakes and pastries each day for the showroom - however, they still make them.

~And they still choose the menu in the excellent 40 seat in-dealership cafe.~

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Lexus is in the most rapid growth phase of its dealer development.
Nine of the country's 20 dedicated dealerships have been commissioned in the last two years.

Dealers have completed more than $45 million in capital works in the past two years.

Lexus was launched in Australia in 1990 with just six strategically placed dealerships.

Each of the foundation dealers committed to investing more than $2 million in specific development of their premises.

Lexus dealerships were required to be set aside from any other franchise and to adopt very stringent parameters for presentation of the brand.

The current dealership network still stands by those principles.

Lexus of Brisbane, developed by Queensland's Scifleet family and opened in 1999, is regarded as a model franchise.

The 2400 square metre development incorporates a special Lexus Club with on-line offices, board room and meeting rooms.

Sporting facilities include a full-sized billiard room and gymnasium.

Owners are able to browse in a boulevard of top line boutique shop windows and to take courtesy vehicles to nearby shopping centres.

Another dealership, Sydney City Lexus, has just relocated to new premises within a $45 million complex developed by Toyota Australia in South Sydney Council's Green Square.

Sydney City Lexus explores new concepts of fit out and customer-service.

~A Lexus dealership is a very prized franchise,~ Lexus senior executive vice-president John Conomos said.

~The decision to open the very limited network to controlled development last year was taken in response to the launch of the volume IS200 and increasing customer demand.~

Lexus dealerships remain among the most profitable in the motor industry - and therefore the most solid in terms of consumer confidence.

Annualised expectations are that each dealership will deliver on average 120 new Lexus this year - one of the highest ratios in the prestige and luxury markets.

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The Lexus LS430 is the flagship of the most successful luxury automotive start-up brand of recent times.
Lexus 10 years ago was launched with the intention of redefining the value-for-money perception of buyers in the prestige market and of establishing an unmatched level of owner care.

The new LS430 is intended to build on those goals.

More than 12,000 Lexus vehicles have been sold in Australia and almost 1.25 million in the world since the brand was born in 1990.

In Australia Lexus has achieved higher levels of customer satisfaction than any other brand, and it has achieved higher conquest rates - both according to independent surveys.

More than 91 percent of Lexus owners indicate ongoing satisfaction with their vehicle and with Lexus' levels of customer service.

Lexus, the premium luxury brand of Japan's largest automotive producer the Toyota Motor Corporation, was conceived to pioneer technological and customer service initiatives.

It has outdistanced two Japanese rivals both similarly conceived and both now disbanded.

Since 1990 Lexus has grown from one vehicle, the original LS400 flagship, to five distinct models available in Australia.

Its dedicated franchises have grown from six to 20.

Two new Lexus models are to be launched in Australia in the next year.

~Lexus has been good for Toyota, and it has become a highly prized brand in its own right,~ Lexus Australia senior executive vice-president John Conomos said.

~Many of the technology advancements in Toyota vehicles in the last decade have been developed in the Lexus program.~

The launch of the Lexus LS430 is intended to reaffirm the marque's claim to top end technological expertise - but this time with an essential focus.

Lexus LS430 has been designed and manufactured with customer-comfort as a key thought.

~For 10 years the catchline for Lexus has been: The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection,~ Mr Conomos said.

~It now changes subtly but firmly to: The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection.

~Feedback from our worldwide family of customers tells us strongly that their Lexus is an important component of their lifestyle.

~It must meet their expectations of convenience.

~As an example, when they arrive at a luxury hotel their expectation is of immediate and personal service.

~The new Lexus LS430 smart key has been devised as our equivalent method of providing convenience~.

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One hundred Lexus LS430 are expected to be delivered to their new owners before Christmas.
Lexus already holds 70 confirmed orders for its new flagship.

Demand for the new vehicle has been unprecedented.

The annual allocation of the new vehicle to Australia is 300.

High demand for the LS430 is universal.

In the United States, 8800 advance orders are held from an annual allocation of 27,000.

The delivery of 300 LS430s a year in Australia will represent a doubling of last year's LS400 sales and a return to pre-1995 levels.

Lexus Australia expects 50 percent of buyers of the LS430 next year will be first time Lexus owners.

The conquest rate is relatively high in the luxury market where brand loyalty is strong.

It will occur as a result of aggressive styling, comfort, innovation, technology and the pricing positioning.

The creation of a linear Lexus model range will also result in first time LS430 orders.

About 10 percent of LS430 sales are expected to come from existing GS300 owners.

In some cases LS400 owners have migrated to GS300 in a desire to stay with the brand but to seek a new driving experience.

Those buyers are now likely to return to LS430.

~The time will come when an IS200 buyer will graduate, progressively, to LS430 or its successor,~ Lexus senior executive vice president John Conomos said.

~Already some first time IS200 owners have moved up to ES300 and it is logical they will continue their progression within the brand.~

Cumulative sales of the Lexus flagship model comprise more than 16 percent of all Lexus deliveries.

~LS430 is an aspirational model and it pulls demand upwards through the range,~ Mr Conomos said.

~The new model with its far sharper edge will accelerate that demand because it becomes an even more logical progression from GS300.~

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Lexus engineers have increased the wheelbase of the new LS430 by 75mm over the superseded LS400 while increasing the new vehicle's length by only 5mm.
Lexus LS430 has a new front-engine/rear-drive package, with increased interior space and the mass of the vehicle better concentrated between the axles.

The wheelbase has been moved forward within the overall length of the vehicle.

Front overhang has been reduced by 55mm and rear overhang by 10mm.

Turning radius has been reduced 100mm by repositioning the steering rack and hence increasing the turning angle of the front wheels.

Overall height has increased by 55mm; overall width is unchanged at 1830mm.

These changes have created more interior space.

The couple distance has been increased by 50mm - and by 120mm more than the first LS400 which had the same overall length.

Front headroom has been increased by 18mm and rear headroom by 28mm.

Front and rear shoulder room have been increased by 10mm and 28mm respectively.

Legroom has been increased by 8mm front and 18mm rear.

LS430's fuel tank has been placed under the rear seat cushion - thereby providing an additional 80 litres of boot space.

Flagship Lexus' boot capacity has been increased by 19 percent to 573 litres.

Moving the fuel tank also contributes to concentrating mass within the wheelbase, thereby reducing polar moment of inertia and improving handling.

In addition, the LS430 battery has been moved closer to the firewall.

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The highly rigid body of the LS430 provides a stable platform for its double wishbone suspension and contributes to lower NVH.
To increase rigidity and crash worthiness, LS430's body features new developments in structural design, new welding methods including Lexus-developed laser welding, and optimum placement of reinforcing panels.

New body design technology also makes LS430 easier to repair and reduces its potential to damage other vehicles in a collision.

LS430's body makes substantial use of high-strength steel sheet, to maximise rigidity while meeting strict weight targets.

The body shell's added bracing and special reinforced sections contribute to LS430's improved stability and controllability.

Reinforced sections include:
* a brace from the bottom of the A-pillar to the upper front member
* a V-shaped bead on the rear partition panel
* a front suspension member that is shaped to function as a cross member for the body
* a rear-floor side member that connects straight to the rear wheel housing
* a floor reinforcement for the right and left sides of the front cabin floor
* and a large rear number two cross member forward of the rear axle.

LS430 meets the latest generation GOA standards, beginning with a 40 percent offset deformable barrier test at 64km/h.

The vehicle's underbody frameworks and cabin are designed to absorb and dissipate impact energy while minimising cabin deformation.

The frontal collision impact absorbing structure includes a front bumper reinforcement, reinforced side members, and reinforcements to the members that surround the cabin.

The absorbing structure for side collision includes pillar reinforcements, side impact protection beams, substantial floor cross members and reinforced joints.

The doors have been designed with closed cross sections at the belt line to increase their ability to absorb impact energy.

LS430 has the additional feature of front compatibility - in which the front side member has a different level of thickness in steel plates to reduce potential damage to other vehicles.

All LS430 exterior panels are pressed from anti-corrosion steel sheet - Excellite II steel for exterior panels and galvannealed steel for underbody panels.

Scratch-resistant anti-chipping paint is used on the lower body panels.

Ten exterior colours are offered, including six new colours.

All exterior colours have acid rain protection.

The colours are:

Crystal Pearl (pearl white), Oyster Pearl, Silvermist (silver metallic), Classic Black, Bordeaux, Desert Rose, Sandstone Mica, Alpine Mist (green mica metallic), Amazon Green (dark green mica metallic) and Deepest Sapphire (dark blue mica).

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The new Lexus LS430 is the world's most aerodynamically efficient passenger car.
The aerodynamic testing program for LS430 included testing full-size models in the same wind tunnel used to develop Japan's Shinkansen bullet trains.

Overseas versions of LS430 have the world's lowest passenger car drag coefficient of 0.25.

The Australian version has the equal lowest Cd for any passenger car in Australia of 0.26.

This compares with 0.28 for superseded LS400.

LS430's lower Cd contributes to improved fuel economy and reduced noise.

The new LS430 has a functional wind noise level of zero.

One of the keys to LS430's leading-edge aerodynamic performance is a flat underbody.

It has smooth underbody panels and under trays for the engine, transmission and the gap between the rocker panels and main chassis rails.

It also has spats to direct air around the tyres, fairings for the front and rear suspension, and forward of the differential, and flat-profile mufflers with their own mini-fairings.

The under-side aerodynamics also include large cooling ducts for the front brakes.

LS430's upper body has also been designed to minimise aerodynamic drag.

Careful attention was paid to the height and shape of the front bumper, to direct airflow under and along the slides of the vehicle.

Lexus also optimised the shapes of the front pillar, the mirrors, the windscreen angle and the weather strips, and used full-flush window mouldings.

The final body design was digitised to one-thousandth of a millimetre, 10 times more accurate than the previous model.

The greater accuracy gives high definition of parts and ultra-fine production tolerances - for a flush-fit finish.

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The Australian-specification Lexus LS430 has class leading fuel economy despite being 0.2 seconds quicker to 100km/h than the vehicle it supersedes.
It has better fuel economy than its nearest Audi, BMW or Mercedes Benz competitor.

It can accelerate 0-100km/h in 6.7 seconds, but still meets all the California Air Research Board (CARB) Ultra-low emission requirements.

Top speed is governed at 250km/h.

Quad Cam V8 Lexus LS430 has 8.2 percent more engine capacity than LS400, but offers improved fuel economy.

Fuel economy has been improved by up to 5.3 percent.

AS2877 city cycle fuel economy is 11.5 litres per 100km (24.6mpg).

Highway economy is 7.2 l/100km or 39.2mpg.

Lexus recommends premium unleaded for the 3UZ-FE engine.

However, the engine can operate either on 91 or 95 RON fuel.

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The Lexus flagship LS430 is an ultra-low emission vehicle.
LS430 easily meets the three main vehicle emission standards around the world, including European Step IV requirements.

It meets the tough ultra-low emission vehicle criteria of the California Air Research Board (CARB).

Lexus Australia understands that the LS430 is one of the first vehicles on sale in Australia to meet this benchmark requirement. Lexus LS430 has a thorough package to increase environmental friendliness through cleaner emissions, increased fuel efficiency and higher recyclability.

LS430 has world-first substrate honeycomb walls in its quick-start catalytic converters (one for each cylinder bank).

The walls are 50 microns thin to shorten warm-up time of the three-way converters.

The 140-cell per square centimetre substrates increase the geometric surface area of the catalyst, without increasing catalytic canister size.

Fuel consumption has been improved by up to 5.3 percent compared with superseded LS400 - thereby minimising CO2 production.

Fuel-saving technical innovations include an industry-leading passenger-car Cd of 0.26, a new high-efficiency/low-friction powertrain, low rolling resistance tyres and a new air conditioner control.

LS430 has maintained its trim weight proportions while adding safety and comfort.

Weight has increased by just 60kg.

The new Lexus flagship is 90 percent recyclable.

Increased use has been made of natural materials, including the breakthrough use of Kenaf plant in the door trim.

Lexus has achieved a significant reduction in the amount of refrigerant gas used in the climate control system.

The amount of lead in the vehicle has been slashed to one eighth of that in LS400.

Developments include the use of lead-free alloys for the valve seats and connecting rods.

The use of heavy materials, such as mercury, has been cut to nearly one fifth of that in the current model.

LS430's new instruments have no mercury.

The use of formaldehyde has also been reduced. New materials have been found to manufacture the instrument panel, silencer, sound-absorbing materials and undercoat - to drastically reduce chlorine use.

Recycling innovations include heat transferable resin for the bumper covers, and new materials for the headlamp covers and combination lamps.

Recyclable materials have been used for the engine undercover, luggage area trim and dash silencer.

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The new Lexus flagship LS430 has computing power equivalent to four desktop personal computers.
The vehicle has 29 computer control units and more than 50 sensors.

The engine has a 32-bit CPU.

LS430's nearest competitor has a 16-bit engine CPU.

The body has five dedicated communications bus systems.

It has a multiplex communications system with a dedicated bus for the instrument panel, doors, steering column and entertainment system.

There are three body electronic area networks (BEAN) to deal with the vehicle's 29 ECUs.

The three BEAN are then connected by a gateway ECU.

There is also a backup BEAN for the front and rear lights to provide NASA-like redundancy for these important active safety features.

There is another LAN (local area network) to control the audio system.

Features that have dedicated ECUs include the headlamps, front and rear air conditioners, climate control seats and the doors.

The vibrating seat function in LS430 rear seat enhancement pack has two dedicated ECUs.

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Lexus has added luxury appointments to its flagship model, and further extended quality.
Lexus engineers travelled the world studying first-class airline seats, luxury jet interiors, five and six-star hotels, fine jewellery and watch makers and musical instrument makers to set benchmarks of luxury and quality for the new LS430.

Lexus LS430 has more interior space, new interior colours, 170 percent more woodgrain and more leather lining (including on the dashboard and doors).

Higher quality leather and woodgrain are used.

The new leather has been tested for 30 qualities and the woodgrain is prepared by Yamaha piano craftsmen.

New features include climate-control front seats, intelligent swing-register air conditioning outlets, an electric rear sunshade, rear-seat coolbox and a unique fabric roof liner.

The LS430 optional Rear Seat Enhancement Package offers additional luxury interior features, including exclusive black semi-aniline leather seat trim throughout, power-operated rear seats with memory and a rear-seat vibrator function.

LS430's front power seats have an increased range of adjustment, with 240mm of fore/aft travel and dual power lumbar adjustment.

A new power-adjustable cushion length feature provides greater thigh support for the driver.

The power cushion adjustment has 70mm of range and is linked to the headrest adjustment to maximise driver comfort.

New climate control front seats can provide warm, cool, or simply a flow of room temperature air through the seat trim to maximise comfort.

Flagship Lexus' state-of-the-art climate control system now has temperature and sun-sensing articulating air registers.

If sunlight is concentrated on one side of the car, the air conditioner outlet registers will automatically deliver more cooling air to that side.

LS430's audio system has seven speakers and a total of 460 Watts of peak music power.

It includes a six-CD changer in the dashboard.

The audio controls are repeated on the steering wheel.

The LS430 optional Rear Seat Enhancement Package has two additional speakers in the rear doors.

Convenience features begin with a new two-stage centre console, with a sliding upper storage tray and a built-in power accessory socket.

LS430 also has pull-out type front door map pockets, front seat-back pockets, two lockable gloveboxes, with a cable damper on the lower glovebox lid, and a retractable dual front cup holder.

The power window system now has one-touch down on all four windows and one touch up and jam protection for the driver's window.

LS430's rear seat back has a built-in coolbox, which can hold six beverage cans.

The coolbox can be switched off if not required, to become a storage compartment.

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Lexus flagship LS430 is the world's quietest car.
Road noise has been reduced to 64dB - whisper quiet - with improved tone quality.

Wind noise has been reduced to a functional level of zero.

Lexus LS430 has established a passenger car benchmark Cd of 0.26 and has a flat underbody.

Attention to NVH detail runs throughout the vehicle - from the all-alloy V8 engine to the use of conventional door glass for the side windows.

Special NVH features in the body shell include:
* a closed structure for the radiator support and careful attention to the side shape of the support
* reinforcements inside the cowl panel
* round-type front floor panels
* a straight shape for the front floor tunnel
* and reinforcements for the rear floor panel (under the boot).

The new Lexus has extended suspension member dimensions and a curved-section partition panel, to absorb vibration.

The vibration-damping steel dash panel has been extended and the cowl panel has been strengthened to prevent it from deforming.

LS430 also has vibration-damping steel in the rocker panels.

In a first for TMC, LS430 has sound-absorbing rear quarter liners, which significantly reduce the transmission of noise into the cabin.

The front suspension hardware includes hydraulic body mounts for the suspension cradle and a parallel cross structure to increase rigidity.

A new design for the ventilation system lengthens the airflow route and improves sound characteristics.

Under the car, there are NVH dampers on the exhaust pipes and differential.

The inner mudguards have special coatings made from polyethylene terephthalate - to reduce stone noise and the swoosh sound from tyres running on wet roads.

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An intuitive automatic climate control air conditioning system, coupled with world-first electronic swing register outlets, are key interior comfort features of the new Lexus LS430.
LS430 has two separate climate control systems for the front and rear of the cabin.

Separate networked electronic control units control the systems.

The front-cabin system includes the Lexus breakthrough intelligent swing register, to change the swing width of the front air outlets according to heat load.

This system provides enhanced air conditioning comfort by using a logic process similar to the human brain.

It is adaptive in that it learns from previous use, and can detect the presence of a front passenger.

Airflow is directed automatically according to input of sunlight, room temperature and exterior temperature.

Comfort is improved by achieving quicker cool-down, a better climate balance and by avoiding the uncomfortable feeling of continually blowing cold air directly onto the occupants.

The system directs air towards the occupants on start-up, then as the room temperature stabilises it directs flow around the cabin.

Both the front and rear climate control systems have solar sensors to provide a more accurate determination of sun loading.

Additional features of LS430's climate control system include a more sophisticated smog sensor, which now detects NOx as well as CO and HC.

It automatically switches the ventilation system to recirculate if it detects any of these pollutants.

Detection of NOx means the system will keep diesel engine smoke or smog out of the vehicle.

Additional features of LS430's climate control system include clean-air filters for both front and rear air conditioning systems, and a smoke sensor for the rear-cabin system.

The rear air conditioner ECU not only controls the climate for the rear of the cabin but also manages a rear-seat coolbox capable of holding six beverage cans.

The coolbox can be switched off if required, to become a rear-seat storage compartment.

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Climate-control front seats provide the Lexus LS430 driver and front passenger with separate controls for seat temperature/dehumidify.
A radial fan mounted under each leather-trimmed seat can provide warm or cool air, or simply a flow of room temperature air to maximise comfort.

The climate controlled air flows through specially perforated leather on the seat cushion and the lower half of the seat back.

The seat climate system employs thermo-electric cooling, using the Peltler effect.

This is a solid-state method of heat transfer through the use of two dissimilar conductors.

Seat heating is achieved by a carbon element beneath the upholstery - to provide quicker warm-up than the element in superseded LS400's heated seats.

The sophisticated ECU means that the climate control seats can send a signal to the engine to idle up if the seat fan load is high.

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Lexus flagship LS430 has a new smart-key system which combines keyless entry, engine immobiliser and a traditional key - with the added convenience that it never has to leave the driver's pocket.
The smart key can activate the door locks and boot lock, and start the engine.

Oscillators in the doors, the boot lock and the electronic steering lock detect the presence of the smart key.

Touching the driver's door handle will then unlock the doors.

Touching the passenger side front door will unlock that door only and touching a pad on the boot lip will unlock the boot.

It is impossible to lock the smart key in the car.

A warning will sound if the doors are closed with the key inside the car.

On leaving the vehicle, it locks automatically - when the oscillators in the doors no longer detect the presence of the key.

The auto-lock function is owner programmable.

LS430 comes with three smart keys, including a valet key which will not open the boot.

The LS430 smart key system combines in one key what other manufacturers take two keys to achieve.

All three smart keys have a built-in laser-milled metal key.

In the unlikely event that the battery does go flat, the vehicle can still be opened by the built-in metal key, and started by the Lexus inbuilt remotely energised immobiliser system.

Smart key has built-in logic to prevent it flattening its own battery.

The smart key system stops interrogating the key after 10 minutes of inactivity - thereby allowing the key to shut itself down when not in use.

It reactivates when a door is unlocked or the ignition is turned off.

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An auto-close feature for the doors and boot lid provides added safety and security for the Lexus LS430.
The auto-close function automatically closes any door which is left in an ajar position.

All four doors have a detection switch to detect open, closed or ajar.

The auto-close system has a mechanical cancel mechanism and a jam-protection system.

Operation is cancelled if the inside or outside door handle is operated.

LS430's boot has an auto-close and auto-lock function.

The boot lid has jam protection and an illuminated interior latch.

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Lexus LS430 has automatic rain-sensing windscreen wipers.
The Lexus LS430 wipers use an infrared LED sensor inside the windscreen glass to detect the presence of rain drops.

The rain sensor consists of a light-emitting diode (LED) that emits infrared rays and a photo diode that receives those rays.

The sensor is located behind the interior mirror.

The detection method is based on the infrared rays that are reflected by the windscreen glass.

If no raindrops are present, all the infrared rays from the LED are reflected to the photo diode.

If raindrops are present in the detection area, the refraction index changes and a portion of the emitted infrared rays penetrate the windscreen - thereby reducing the amount of rays received by the photo diode.

In addition to detecting rain, the system varies wiper speed according to volume of rain.

LS430 has three wiper functions related to vehicle speed.

It has vehicle speed sensitive wipe interval adjustment when the wipers are in INT (intermittent) mode.

A second speed-related function switches the wipers from continuous wipe to intermittent when the wiper switch is in the LO position and the vehicle is stopped.

A third function provides variable drip-prevention function.

This function operates when the wipers are in OFF or INT position and the washer switch is ON for 0.2 seconds or longer.

The wipers operate slowly three times, pause for approximately three seconds, then make another sweep to remove any water drips.

Lexus LS430 gives drivers the choice of finger-tip or fully automatic control of the windscreen wipers (using the AUTO setting on the five-position control lever).

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The flagship Lexus LS430 has increased active safety with improved steering, handling, brakes and visibility.
It also has an intuitive park assist system - to warn the driver of obstacles or people behind the vehicle.

LS430's chassis has been completely redesigned to improve driving stability, grip, steering and braking performance and brake cooling.

The suspension and brake hardware includes linear control valve dampers and monobloc aluminium brake calipers acting on ventilated discs.

Active safety aids include vehicle stability control, and hydraulically boosted brakes with four-channel/four-sensor ABS, brake assist and electronic brake force distribution.

The ABS has an Australian-developed gravel-road strategy.

LS430 has the additional fail-safe of using the ABS/TRAC/VC actuator if the brake booster pump fails.

Driver visibility has been maximised in all conditions.

LS430 has the world breakthrough advantage of a low-reflecting windscreen to prevent reflections from the dashboard onto the windscreen in sunny or night-driving conditions.

The windscreen wiper rubber is graphite coated to eliminate noise and produce a better seal against the glass.

A special water-repellant coating has been developed for the front side windows.

The water-repellant coating is also applied to the rear side windows of LS430 rear-seat enhancement pack.

The coating increases surface tension and reduces the area between the water drops and the glass surface – for better shedding and hence improved visibility.

Lexus has improved the performance of its electrochromic glare-resistant mirrors.

The exterior mirrors now match the variable glare-control performance of the interior mirror in having linear rather than two-step control of reflectivity from 50 percent down to 12 percent reflectivity.

Visibility features also include auto-levelling high-intensity discharge headlamps and a retracting rear-window sunshade, which automatically retracts when the driver selects reverse gear.

Lexus LS430 retains the proven feature of auto headlamps on.

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Completely redesigned and re-engineered suspension, steering and brakes give the new Lexus LS430 has the best driving stability in its class.
Lexus has developed three suspension systems for world-wide markets.

Prototype vehicles were subjected to nearly 1,000,000 kilometres of testing on five continents, including Australia.

The Australian LS430 has the firmest Lexus ~Euro~ suspension calibration, coupled with an Australian-tested ABS gravel-road strategy.

Lexus LS430 has double-wishbone front and rear suspension, controlled by coil springs and low-pressure gas-filled linear control valve dampers with rebound springs.

Particular attention has been paid to reducing unsprung weight and reducing rolling resistance.

LS430's front suspension hardware includes hot-forged aluminium upper control arms and hot-forged aluminium uprights.

The rear suspension hardware includes stamp-forged aluminium upper control arms and cast aluminium uprights.

The rear suspension is ball-jointed throughout and mounted on a braced tube subframe, for increased suspension rigidity.

The rear suspension geometry has virtually zero rear suspension track change and zero toe change during suspension travel, to eliminate rear-steer on country roads.

Lexus LS430 has vehicle-speed sensitive power-assisted rack and pinion steering.

The steering rack is hollow, to save weight and has been relocated, forward of the axle line, so the tie rods are in tension rather than compression and the rack doesn't foul on the wheels at full lock.

The benefits of LS430's new steering system are less kickback, better cornering trace and better straight-line stability.

Placing the steering rack forward of the axle line also increases Ackerman turning angle and therefore provides a tighter turning radius - even with a longer wheelbase and a large kingpin offset - than the LS400 achieved.

LS430's wheelbase is 75mm longer than LS400, but its turning radius has been reduced by 10cm to 5.2 metres. LS430's brake hardware is state of the art.

The front brakes are axially mounted monobloc aluminium four-piston calipers acting on new, thicker 315mm diameter ventilated discs.

Pad area has been increased by 10 percent over LS400.

Brake cooling has been optimised by the provision of large cooling ducts, increasing the thickness of the discs and enlarging the cooling holes in the dust cover.

The rear brakes are 310mm ventilated discs with axially mounted monobloc aluminium two-piston calipers.

The brake system includes four-channel/four-sensor ABS with electronic brake force distribution and brake assist.

EBD and brake assist were introduced on LS400 in December 1999.

Electronic brake force distribution is a sophisticated electronic replacement for the brake system's load-sensing, proportioning and by-pass valve.

It uses the ABS control unit to achieve more ideal brake force distribution between the front and rear axles, according to road conditions (available traction) and vehicle load.

Lexus Brake Assist is designed to assist the driver in an emergency braking situation - where the driver cannot apply the high pedal force required to obtain the shortest possible braking distance.

Brake Assist interprets a quick, hard push of the brake pedal as emergency braking and supplements the braking power applied if the driver has not pushed hard enough on the brake pedal.

The Lexus system measures the speed and the force with which the pedal is pushed to determine whether the driver is attempting to brake rapidly.

The system then applies additional hydraulic pressure, to maximise braking performance.

The timing and degree of braking assistance are designed to ensure the driver does not discern anything unusual in the braking operation.

The Lexus system means the driver can tailor the duration and severity of hard braking to suit the demands of sports driving or a potential accident situation.

The new LS430 has 17-inch by 7.5 inch JJ aluminium alloy wheels.

It has premium quality W-speed rated 225/55 R17 tyres.

Rolling resistance has been reduced by adopting low hysteresis tyres and new wheel bearing technology.

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The Lexus flagship LS430 has world-class collision safety based around the latest-generation GOA (Global Outstanding Assessment) safety body and six SRS airbags.
The new Lexus SRS package includes intelligent front SRS airbags and full-length side-curtain airbags.

LS430's passive safety package begins with LS430's new body design.

The frontal collision impact strategy included repositioning the rocker panels higher in the body.

The repositioned rocker panels now act as part of the frontal crumple zone and prevent the rocker panel intruding into the rear cabin.

In addition, LS430 has specially designed frontal compatibility features, in which the front side member has a different level of thickness in steel plates - to reduce potential damage to other vehicles.

LS430's body design includes a comprehensive strategy to manage side impacts.

It makes extensive use of high-strength steel and has reinforced floor cross members, added cross-sectional bulkheads in the rocker panels, large gussets in the rear door impact bars, a reinforced B-pillar centre panel, reinforcements along the belt line and laser one-side welding for the door surrounds.

The impact protection beams in the doors have been placed lower than in LS400 - closer to the path of possible side collisions.

The new door protection beams overlap the pillars.

LS430's seat frames have diagonal braces to the transmission tunnel, to further increase side collision protection.

LS400 had the Lexus package of dual SRS airbags, front side airbags and front seatbelt pretensioners with force limiters.

The new LS430 has full-length curtain-shield airbags front and rear, a two-stage passenger side airbag with occupant sensor, rear outboard seat seatbelt pretensioners with force limiters, whiplash-lessening front seats, supportive head restraints and an anti-intrusive brake pedal.

The front passenger's SRS airbag employs less aggressive argon compressed gas and deploys in two stages.

Only the low-speed stage of the airbag deploys in a low-speed or low-shock collision - thereby lessening the shock to the occupant's facial area.

The front passenger seat has a sensor to detect if the seat is occupied.

The passenger SRS airbag will not deploy if the seat is vacant.

LS430's frontal SRS airbag system has three sensors, including satellite sensors – to prevent false deployment.

LS430's SRS curtain shield airbags are designed to protect both front and rear-seat occupants in a side-on collision.

The curtain airbag sensor system is in the C-pillar and employs smart logic.

In the event of a side accident, it deploys both the side and curtain airbag.

In a side accident towards the rear of the vehicle, it only deploys the curtain airbag.

LS430's SRS airbag control system includes a collision safety detector.

The collision detector circuit shuts off fuel supply to the engine and unlocks the doors in the event of an accident.

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Lexus' flagship LS430 has an intuitive park-assist system which warns the driver - via visual information in the instrument panel and audible indicators - of obstacles around the vehicle.
The visual warning changes colour and the audible warning changes pitch as the vehicle approaches an obstacle.

The system has six ultrasonic sensors in the front bumper and four in the rear bumper.

It can detect a person walking behind the vehicle or an object as narrow as a 60mm diameter post.

The system checks for obstacles ahead of the vehicle when the transmission is in ~D~ or any forward gear and checks behind the vehicle when the shift lever is in ~R~.

The driver can switch off Park Assist if it is not required.

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Designation: 3UZ-FE

Description: Water-cooled, all-alloy 90 degree bank angle V-eight with two overhead camshafts per bank and four valves per cylinder, computer controlled variable inlet camshaft timing, acoustically controlled variable induction system, stainless-steel headers, dual warm-up type catalytic converters, dual knock control system and electronic engine management with Multiplex engine diagnosis

Location: Front, longitudinally mounted

Displacement: 4293 cm

Bore x stroke: 91.0mm x 82.5mm

Compression ratio: 10.5:1

Valve mechanism: Two belt-driven inlet camshafts, scissors gear drive to the accompanying exhaust camshaft, direct valve actuation. Camshaft drive includes Lexus electronically controlled variable inlet camshaft timing (VVTi), with 50 degree infinitely-variable range

Fuel system: Air-assisted multi-point sequential electronic fuel injection, with bi-directional injectors and non-return type delivery from fuel tank

Throttle system: Second-generation intelligent electronic throttle with fail-safe and limp-home mode

Octane No (RON): Premium unleaded is recommended, but will operate on either 91 and 95

Ignition system: Lexus Direct Ignition with electronic advance, 100,000km life platinum-tipped spark plugs and dual-sensor knock control system

Maximum power: 207kW (EEC) at 5600rpm

Maximum torque: 417Nm (EEC) at 3500rpm


Designation: A650E

Description: Five-speed (including overdrive), intelligent (torque-activated), adaptive, electronically controlled automatic, with flex lock-up superflow torque converter and engine torque compensator (during gear changes), ~N~ to ~D~ anti-squat, self-diagnosis, fail-safe and limp-home modes

1st, 3.357
2nd, 2.180
3rd, 1.424
4th, 1.000
5th, 0.753
Rev, 3.4311
Final drive ratio: 3.266:1


Type: Power-assisted rack and pinion

Power assistance: Electronic, road-speed sensitive with rotary pump

Overall steering ratio: 15.7

Turns lock to lock: 3.53

Turning radius: 5.2m (tyre)


Front type: Independent double wishbone with forged aluminium upper arm and stamp forged upright, lower coil springs, linear control-valve dampers with rebound springs and ball-joint mounted stabiliser bar

Rear type: Independent double wishbone with aluminium upper arm and upright, coil springs, linear control-valve dampers with rebound springs and ball-joint mounted stabiliser bar

Wheels: 17 x 7.5JJ aluminium alloy

Tyres: 225/55W R17

Vehicle control: Intelligent vehicle stability control


System: Dual circuit hydraulic with electrical hydraulic pump, ABS with gravel road strategy, Brake Assist and electronic brake-force distribution

Front type: 315mm by 30mm ventilated disc with axially mounted four-piston monobloc aluminium calipers

Rear type: 310mm by 16mm ventilated disc with axially mounted monobloc aluminium two-piston calipers

ABS anti-skid brake type: four-sensor, four-channel


Overall length: 5005mm
Overall width: 1830mm
Overall height: 1490mm
Wheelbase: 2925mm
Front track: 1570mm
Rear track: 1570mm
Kerb weight: 1830kg
GVM: 2235kg


Seating: five persons
Luggage: 573 litres
Fuel tank: 84 litres

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Overall Exterior/Body Design

* All-new sleek exterior design with an industry low 0.26 Coefficient of Drag

* Roof side rail gutter channel designed to direst rain and windshield washing fluid away from side windows

* Aerodynamic flat underfloor helps reduce air resistance and wind noise (3dB reduction in wind noise from previous generation)

* High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps with clear cover and auto-leveller

* Integrated halogen foglamps located on the airdam

* Large door opening areas for easy entry/exit

* Low trunk cut-out for easy trunk access

* 225/55R 17 W-rated tyres with 17x7.5 JJ aluminum alloy wheels

Body Structure & Paint

* Ultra-precise body panels measured to 1/1000 of millimetre for flush fit

* Roof and bonnet silencers

* Foam rubber body noise isolation inserts

* Multi-layered panels on cowl and floor (Note: panel composition varies by location)

* Weldable vibration damping ~sandwich~ steel-resin-steel in the dash panel and rear-wheel housings

* Colour-coordinated rocker mouldings

* Colour-coordinated rear underbumper

* Aerodynamic colour-keyed outside mirrors

* Bodyside cladding for improved body protection

* Water-repellent side door glass (front doors on LS430 and all four doors on LS430 Rear Seat Enhancement Package)

* Green tinted UV-cut glass

* Excellite II rust-resistant steel

* Gavannealed steel

* Chip-resistant front fender liners

* Wheel arch protectors

* Door bottom-edge protective moulding

* Wax and Sealer/Adhesive applied to inside sections of hood, doors and similar panels

* Extensive use of anti-chipping paint on lower body panels

* Stainless steel exhaust system

* New exterior colour range: Crystal White, Parchment Crystal, Millennium Silver Metallic, Black Onyx, Black Cherry Pearl, Sunset Mist Pearl, Mystic Gold Metallic, Mystic Sea Opalescent, Midnight Pine Pearl, Blue Onyx Pearl (bold denote new colour for 2001)


* Power boot closer

* Auto on/off headlamps with 30 seconds delay off

* Rear window defogger with auto-off timer (15 mins)

* Rear glass printed radio antenna with FM diversity system and roof mounted fixed antenna

* Rain-sensing variable intermittent windshield wipers with mist cycle

* Auto-dimming electronic power outside mirrors with puddle lamps

* Fuel cap with tether

* Laminated side glass, headlamp washers, power door closers

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Interior Trim

* Leather trim available in Ecru, Ivory or Black. Black is only available for the Rear Seat Enhancement Pack.

* Wood and leather steering wheel with chrome ~L~ emblem and audio controls

* Wood gear knob

* California walnut wood trim on doors, switchplates, instrument panel, and ashtray area

* Full door trim with integrated armrests and extendable front storage pockets

* Cut-pile carpet

* Fully carpeted trunk

* Floor mats


* 12-way power driver's and 10-way power-adjustable front passengers seat ( power adjustments: fore-and aft side; fore-aft recline; front vertical height, rear vertical height, seat cushion extended on drivers seat, 4-point power lumbar support on passengers seat). Power headrest height adjust and manual fore-aft adjustments

large front headrests (drivers with memory)

* 4-way adjustable rear centre arm rest

* Front seatback storage pockets

* Climate-control front seats, heated rear seats

* Optitron electro-luminescent instrumentation with tachometer, speedometer, coolant temperature and fuel gauges and multi-information display: low oil pressure. charging system, door open, parking brake-on, tail lamp failure, low engine coolant, low washer fluid, truck open, moonroof open, check VSC, change A/C filter, A/C filter reset, head light levelling and brake pad wear

* Headlights-on indicator lamp, illuminates when headlights are on

* Electronic odometer and dual tripmeters

* I/P brightness adjustments during headlights-on/off operation of the vehicle

* Soft-touch fully automatic dual-zone climate controls with smog sensing auto-recirculation system, LCD temperature/function indicator, and temperature and sun sensing swing air register which automatically controls airflow direction based on sunlight and exterior /interior temperatures

* Outside temperature indicator gauge

* Digital clock

* 15-function information display with trip computer and steering wheel mounted controls, with a blank mode

Compact HVAC system with ‘film door damping' technology


* Wood and leather steering wheel

* Power tilt-and -telescopic steering column with auto tilt-away with memory

* Steering wheel mounted cruise control

* Gated shift lever with night illumination for the shift position indicator and perimeter of the gate groove

* Adjustable auto-on/off headlamp light sensor

* Three position memory system for driver's seat, steering wheel, outside mirrors, and shoulder belt adjustment

* Power windows with ‘auto-up/down' feature on driver's window, with pinch protection and night illumination of all switches

* power tilt/slide moonroof with auto open/ feature

* Dual illuminated vanity mirrors

* Retained accessory power for windows and moonroof

* Power door locks with anti lock-out feature and drivers door two-turn unlock system

* Rear air conditioner with air filtration

* Rear-seat audio controls

* Rear coolbox

* Electric rear sunshade

* Front and rear door pockets

* Coin holder integrated into the instrument panel

* Push-type front dual cup holder; rear cup holders integrated in centre armrest

* Highly charged outside-air filtration and deodoriser system

* Auto-dimming electrochromic inside and dual outside rearview mirror

* Electric boot and fuel door releases with valet lock-out feature for boot

* Individually mounted ashtray/cigarette lighters on rear door armrests

* Integrated, retractable coat hooks

* Door courtesy lights, glovebox light, boot light

* Dual-compartment centre console box with storage capability

* Additional power outlet inside the centre console box

* Pull-down handle for boot lid

* Full-size lockable lower glovebox

* First aid kit

* Tool kit

* LS430 with Rear Seat Enhancement Package has power slide and massager on the rear seats, and manual rear side-window sunshades

* Valet pack


* Lexus Premium AM/FM ETR with auto-reverse and six-disc in dash CD changer

* Dolby B reduction system for cassette

* 7 Speakers (9 speakers with Rear Seat Enhancement Package)

* Two 16cm (6.5 inch) extended range satellite speakers mounted in the front doors with bass reflex enclosures

* Two 16cm (6.5 inch) extended range satellite speakers mounted in the rear doors with bass reflex enclosures

* One 20cm (8 inch) dedicated subwoofer mounted in the package-tray (trunk acts as an infinite baffle)

* Rear glass-imprinted radio antenna with separate FM diversity antenna

* Automatic Sound Leveller (ASL)


* Driver's and front passenger's airbag Supplement Restraint System (SRS)
Seat-mounted side-impact airbag Supplemental Restraint System(SRS) for front seats

Side front and rear curtain airbags Supplement Restraint Systems (SRS)
Force limiting seat belt pretensions for both front seats and the outboard rear passengers

3-point belts for all seating positions and height adjustable front shoulder belt anchors

Adjustable headrests for all seating positions, including rear centre seat
Automatic locking retractor (ALR)/emergency locking retractor (ELR) function on all rear seat belt positions

Four-wheel ventilated power assisted disc brakes

4-sensor, 4-channel anti-lock brakes (ABS)

Vehicle Stability Control system (VSC) with throttle control and individual

wheel braking (also includes Brake Assist and Traction Control)

Highly rigid cabin with 8km/h front and rear bumpers

Front and rear energy managing crumple zones

Side door impact beams

Soft upper interior trim

Shift lock system with recessed and covered shift lock button

High intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps with auto leveller

Three integrated Child Restraint tether anchor brackets


* Vehicle theft-deterrent system

* Smart key entry systems featuring

- ~key in pocket~ door and trunk unlock/lock as well as vehicle start

- keyless entry buttons - lock, unlock and trunk

- back-up traditional laser milled Lexus key

- remote window ~down~ feature

* Remote activated/key linked illuminated entry: dome light and ignition key cylinder ring illuminate when door are unlocked (remains illuminated for 15 secs or until door is opened)

* Headlight off delay feature: after locking vehicle, headlights remain illuminated for a certain period of time before automatically shutting off


* 4.3-litre Quad Cam 32-valve V8 with intelligent continuously variable timing (VVTi)

* Meets Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV) certification

* Computer controlled ignition system with dual knock sensors, and Electronic Spark Advance (ESA) to optimize ignition timing

* On-board diagnostics systems (OBD 11)

* Customised Body Electronics System (C-BEST)

* Extensive use of aluminum alloys to reduce weight yet maintain rigidity and strength

* Scissor gear driven exhaust

* Stainless steel exhaust manifolds camshaft for a compact cylinder head design and quiet operation

* Wide-ratio five-speed electronically controlled automatic transmission with intelligence(ECTi) and power and economy modes

* Super-flow torque converter design provides high-performance and high efficiency

* Electronic Throttle Control, with ~Snow and Power Mode~

* Unequal length double wishbone suspension with front and rear stabiliser bar

* Vehicle stability control (VSC) with Brake Assist and Traction Control

* High rigidity forged aluminium upper arms for reduced noise and vibration

* Pipe-type rear suspension member mounts and differential mounts to reduce NVH

* Innovative suspension bushings for superior ride

* ~Zero degree~ geometry drivetrain for low vibration and superior strength

* Vehicle-speed sensing progressive power rack and pinion steering


* Sixty/forty split power slide rear seats

* Power-operated rear seat outboard headrest

* Dual seat massage/vibrator with passenger control variable intensity

* Two additional door-mounted speakers

* Black semi-aniline leather

* Rear side door window manual sunshades

* Left and right-hand passenger seat individual memory function with seat return function

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2000 Lexus LS430 rear interior.
2000 Lexus LS430 interior.
2000 Lexus LS430 engine.
2000 Lexus LS430.
2000 Lexus LS430.
2000 Lexus LS430.
2000 Lexus LS430.
2000 Lexus LS430.
2000 Lexus LS430.
2000 Lexus LS430.
2000 Lexus LS430.
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