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Lexus Australia has today announced a safety recall campaign to replace the fuel tank on two Lexus CT200h vehicles produced for the Australian market between 18th June 2020 and 29th June 2020.

The involved vehicles are equipped with a fuel tank that is susceptible to leakage if the weld between tank and inlet pipe were to peel. Under these conditions, fuel leakage may occur when the tank is full or during refuelling, leading to an increased risk of fire in the presence of an ignition source.

For all involved vehicles, Lexus dealers will replace the fuel tank with a new one free of charge to vehicle owners.

Repair time is expected to take approximately 3.5 hours. However, based on the Dealer's work schedule, it may be necessary for the owner to make the vehicle available for a longer period, with alternative transport support available to owners.

Lexus Australia will provide all owners of involved vehicles details of this safety recall campaign by SMS, email and mail to their last known address. To update your contact details, please call the Lexus Customer Assistance Centre on 1800 023 009 (Monday to Friday 8.00am to 6.00pm AEDT) or visit

Owners with additional questions or concerns are asked to please contact their local/preferred Lexus Dealer in the first instance or the Lexus Customer Assistance Centre on 1800 023 009 (Mon-Fri 8.00am-6.00pm AEDT). Please quote your 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Q1 Which and how many models are involved in Australia?
A1. There are 2 Lexus CT200h vehicles involved.

From To
CT200h ZWA10JTHKD5BH # 0236474502364957

18th June 2020
29th June 2020

1. Although the involved vehicles are within the above VIN ranges, not all vehicles in these VIN ranges were sold in the Australian market.
2. (#) indicates additional check digit (alpha or numeric).

Q2: What is the condition?
A2: The subject vehicles are equipped with a resin fuel tank that contains a resin fuel inlet pipe, produced at one of the Lexus plants in Japan. There is the possibility that the resin weld between the fuel tank and the fuel inlet pipe may be insufficient because of improper maintenance of the welding machine. In this condition, a portion of the resin weld between the fuel tank and the fuel inlet pipe could peel off, causing fuel leakage and fuel odour. In the presence of an ignition source, a fuel leak could increase the risk of a fire.

Q3: What is the fuel inlet pipe?
A3: The fuel tank inlet pipe is plastic pipe welded onto the fuel tank and facilitates connection of the fuel filler pipe to the fuel tank.

Q4: Are there any other Lexus vehicles covered by this campaign?
A4: No other Lexus models other than tabled above are involved in this campaign.

Q5: Are there any warnings that this condition exists?
A5: There are no advanced warnings prior to the existence of this condition, however if welding surface peeling does develop, there may be evidence of a fuel vapour smell or a fuel leak when the tank is full or whilst filling.

Q6: What should a vehicle owner do if this condition occurs?
A6: If vehicle occupants notice a fuel leak or detect a smell, they should immediately stop driving the vehicle and contact their nearest Lexus Dealer for diagnosis and repair.
If condition is related to this campaign, the appropriate repair will be performed FREE OF CHARGE to the vehicle owner.

Q7: Have any accidents or injuries been reported as a result of this condition?
A7: Lexus have not received any reports of this condition in the Australian market.

Q8: What is Lexus going to do?
A8: As an interim measure, Lexus will issue an owner letter and personally contact owners on or about the 8th December to provide early details of this forthcoming campaign.

At the time of parts availability, Lexus will again personally contact owners and notify owners by mail to make an appointment with any authorised Lexus Dealer to have the rectification completed.
Lexus Dealers will perform required rectification FREE OF CHARGE to the vehicle owners with expected commencement timing in early December 2021.


For more information, please contact:
Dan DeGasperi
Lexus Australia public relations
M: +61 466 612 742

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