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A Lexus feature launched 10 years ago has become the unsung hero of spring driving in Australia.

Lexus introduced the easily changeable dust and pollen filter as a standard feature in the 1994 LS400.

It has been a standard feature of every new Lexus model since the late 1990s.

Australia has the world’s highest incidence of asthma and pollen is the most common cause of seasonal allergies.

Spring allergies in many Australian cities and towns have partly been a result of lining streets with high-pollen London plane trees.

Lexus recognised the need to exclude pollen from vehicle ventilation systems in the early 1990s - and launched the pollen filter soon after.

It has since introduced air purifiers and air conditioning with special filtering technology, including sensors to detect NOx (oxides of nitrogen) from diesel smoke entering the ventilation system.

“For many Lexus owners, the biggest contribution to occupant comfort in the make’s history has been the introduction of the dust and pollen filter,~ said Lexus senior manager John Roca.

“At the top end of the range, Lexus LS430 has an intuitive automatic climate control air conditioning system - which provides enhanced air conditioning comfort by using an advanced logic process.

It is adaptive in that it learns from previous use, and can detect the presence of a front passenger.

Airflow is directed automatically according to input of sunlight, room temperature and exterior temperature.

Comfort is improved by achieving quicker cool-down, a better climate balance and by avoiding the uncomfortable feeling of continually blowing cold air directly onto the occupants.

The system directs air towards the occupants on start-up, then as the room temperature stabilises it directs flow around the cabin.

LS430's climate control system also has a sophisticated smog sensor that detects NOx as well as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions.

It automatically switches the ventilation system to recirculate if it detects any of these pollutants.


The Lexus dust and pollen filter (standard across the range) eases seasonal allergies, including reactions caused by high-pollen non-native Plane trees, popular in Australian cities.